Your IB

Information about your International Baccalaureate (IB)

At UOW, we know that International Baccalaureate students are ready to make an impact. They have the intellectual, leadership and social skills to influence others and create positive change within our world. We share these values, and offer IB graduates an enriching education. The writing and investigation skills learned crafting your IB Extended Essay are held in high regard at UOW.

UOW is a truly international research intensive university with a global vision for our students and graduates. UOW also has campuses and teaching partners in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our students and staff are from all over the world, and our graduates are succeeding on a world stage.

UOW offers over 450 undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. Course Finder is the home of all course information, entry requirements and IB entry scores.

For more information on your IB, download the International Baccalaureate brochure.

Advanced degrees and opportunities

For students who have proven they can go above and beyond, UOW offers opportunities and support, including special degree programs, extended learning opportunities and a range of undergraduate research opportunities.

Advanced degrees are highly responsive to your interests, with many options to tailor your study. You will undertake a research project; work with teams undertaking high-level investigations—or both. Advanced degrees are recognised by employers as superior qualifications and identify you as a skilled independent worker.

These degrees also include an integral Honours year.

UOW offers Dean’s Scholar degrees, which include special privileges and extended study opportunities, such as research and major projects that adapt to your interests and strengths. You may be able to accelerate your degree, and be paired with an academic mentor in the faculty.

Applying to UOW with your IB

UOW Early Admission

UOW is about connecting bright minds through learning and research and we want the right students in the right degrees. UOW Early Admission is an opportunity for final year IB Diploma Program students to receive an early offer to UOW based on an interview and their grades up to that point.

Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

You must apply through UAC if you are:

  • ƒan Australian citizen (including dual citizenship holders)
  • a New Zealand citizen (including dual citizen)
  • an Australian permanent resident visa holder
  • an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa holder.

For information on application procedures, dates and fees go to the UAC website

Last reviewed: 21 February, 2017