Special entry options

Equity adjustments

UOW offers up to five adjustment points to help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage, including disrupted schooling, financial hardship, illness, disability, refugee status and socio-economic disadvantage. This is done through UAC’s Educational Access Scheme.

Educational Access Scheme

This access scheme is facilitated by the Universities Admission Centre (UAC), and is open to high school students who may have experienced long-term disadvantage.

You may be eligible for ATAR adjustment points for your UOW preferences if:

  • you have experienced long-term (at least nine months) disadvantage in your preparation for uni, and
  • your educational performance has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond your control, and
  • you are in Year 12, and
  • you are a permanent resident of Australia.

For application forms contact UAC directly or speak to your high school career adviser.

Special Entry Options

UOW offers alternative and supplementary entry programs for students who may have suffered disadvantage during their senior school years, or who may need additional study to prepare them for their university degree. 


The Special Tertiary Entrance Program – STEP to UOW is a university preparation program for students who have experienced a disadvantage during their secondary school education. This is a fee-free one year program, facilitated by UOW College. Students who successfully complete STEP are guaranteed entry to a UOW Bachelor degree. You will find information on STEP admission requirements and application process in the above link.

UOW College

UOW College is the private pre-university college of the University of Wollongong. Located on Wollongong campus, UOW College offers a range of university preparation programs for students who do not meet the direct entry requirements for a UOW Bachelor degree. UOW College is designed to teach students the skills and knowledge needed to pass the course and succeed in a Bachelor degree. Visit the UOW College website for course information. 

Woolyungah Indigenous Centre Admissions

The Woolyungah Indigenous Centre at UOW offers an Alternative Admissions Program (AAP) to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This program assesses applicants’ suitability for study at UOW based on a series of tests and interviews. The AAP is available to all students of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent who have not completed secondary school, did not receive an ATAR (or equivalent) or did not achieve the ATAR for direct entry to UOW. All applicants must be at least 17 years old or older. Information on the program is available at the above link. You can also enquire directly to Woolyungah on (02) 4221 3776 or wic-enquiries@uow.edu.au

Big Picture Education Portfolio Admissions

At the University of Wollongong, submitting a Big Picture Education portfolio that demonstrates evidence of qualifications and academic achievements, can act as an entry pathway to one of our Undergraduate degrees.

If you are applying through this pathway, you are required to submit a direct application to the University of Wollongong. When applying, students will:

  • List ‘Big Picture Education Student’ as their Educational Qualifications
  • Submit their completed Big Picture Education portfolio (Please note that if it is not currently completed, students can email their portfolio to in2uni@uow.edu.au at a later date)
  • Upload a copy of a certified proof of citizenship 
Last reviewed: 15 December, 2017