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The SSS can be completed by any subject teacher, Department Head, Careers Adviser, Year Adviser, Student Counsellor, Deputy or Principal who has firsthand knowledge of the student’s circumstances or abilities. One school can have multiple sponsors.
General or administrative school staff should not complete an SSS.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to organise an SSS with the appropriate staff at their school. Provision of an SSS is entirely at the school’s discretion; UOW implies no obligation for schools to complete any SSS. While all SSS will be considered carefully by UOW assessors, they do not guarantee a successful outcome.

Students who apply without an SSS will not be disadvantaged or penalised in any way.


School statements of support are completed by a nominated representative from your school. Any school can have as many representatives as it needs to.

To nominate, please head to the UOW Early Admission
School Statement of Support website and ‘sign up’ as a sponsor now.

You (or any staff member to be nominated) will need to include:

• Your School Name (this is done via a 'predictive text' box; start typing your school name and it will appear)
• Your name
• Your position at the school
• Your email address
• Phone number

Note: one school can have multiple sponsors - one 'person' can only be connected to one school though.

After you submit these details, you will be sent an email to confirm your registration.
This email will also provide your password.

Now, when you return to the site after signing up:

• Click on ‘login’ button
• Then enter your email address, and the password that the system supplied.

You will now see a list of ALL students from your school who have applied for Early Admission – the students who have requested an SSS have a ‘Yes’ next to their names (you can ignore the ‘nos’).

Students will be asked if they believe they are eligible to be considered for special consideration on the grounds of ‘Illness/Injury’ or ‘Special Circumstances’.

When you log into the SSS (I suggest you maybe do this once every week):

  • You will see a list of students from your school who have applied for UOW Early Admission. Students who have indicated that they believe they’re eligible for an SSS will be marked with a ‘yes’ - For each of these students you will have the option to:

a) Support their application. You can choose whether it’s based on ‘Illness/Injury’ or ‘Special Circumstances’ and then enter any details in a free text box.
b) Not support their application. By choosing the ‘I do not support this SSS’ prompt.

Note that there is no facility to upload doctors certificates/letters of reference etc.

Applications for UOW Early Admission will open on 1 August at 9am and close 25 August at 5pm.

You will be able to log in and out of the system to provide SSS’s as many times as you like within this period. UOW will send reminder emails if there are any outstanding SSS’s closer to the closing date.

All submissions to UOW Early Admission including any information provided in an SSS are subject to UOW’s privacy policy and will be treated in confidence. Our privacy policy can be found at The nominated staff member will submit the SSS online for the student. The information disclosed will only be viewable by the School staff member and UOW assessors.

If you have any questions - please get in touch:

Last reviewed: 24 July, 2017