Career Advisors Information

Careers Advisers in partnership with the UOW Schools Liaison Team

The UOW Schools Liaison Team is able to provide a number of services to schools in NSW to help prepare students for university, with the following tools:

Links Program

Students are often interested in receiving information about university life from current university students. The UOW Links program is a fantastic opportunity for schools to have UOW trained student representatives present timely and relevant information that your students can relate to. 

UOW Student Representatives are fully trained, and Link presentations are structured to include topics such as the ATAR, subject selection, UOW facilities, balancing academic and social life, etc. The below registration form has a section for you to request topics you'd like the student representatives to cover in particular detail. 

We recommend allowing 40-60 minutes for each visit. Please email for more information. 

Last reviewed: 2 August, 2016