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4 reasons to live on campus

UOW accommodation is where strangers become friends, and friends become like family. They’ll challenge you, support you and open your mind to new things.

From cooking sessions to study sessions, days at the beach to nights in with movies – sometimes it’s the small things that create the best memories. And if that’s not enough, here’s four reasons to live on campus: 


Don’t stress

Whether you’re relocating to Wollongong or you’re a born and bred local, UOW Living guarantees eligible first-year students a place in a UOW residence. Knowing you’re going to have a roof over your head is one less thing to worry about, leaving you free to concentrate on your studies. 


Make friends

There’s nothing quite like arriving in Wollongong, to the welcoming atmosphere of your new residence and meeting new people. Student leaders are here to help you settle in and to organise a range of social events each week. Your neighbours might be strangers at first, but pretty quickly they become like family. It’s an experience unique to living in student accommodation.

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Do your best

Every residence offers academic programs, including peer mentoring, formal tutorial sessions and lectures from guest academics. These all complement the academic programs available on campus, and gives UOW residents the best chance of academic success – part of why residents consistently perform better in their studies than non-residents.

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Whether you like the city, the beach, or you just want to be walking distance from class, UOW accommodation provides a range of options that suit differing budgets and living needs. The UOW Living site provides information on all UOW student residences, and you can choose by location or catering level or both. There is somewhere to suit everyone’s needs.