Bachelor Degrees

Apply as a School Leaver

If you are now in the last year of your secondary/high/senior high school, you are considered a school leaver when applying to UOW.

This applies to:

If your highest qualification is a Diploma, Associate Degree or other tertiary studies (including partially completed Bachelor studies from a recognised university), go to apply with another qualification.

School leavers from overseas/international education systems

Those who are completing or have completed their schooling outside of the Australian secondary system can apply directly to UOW for a place in a UOW Bachelor degree.

UOW recognises secondary qualifications from more than 40 countries and education systems, including GCE A levels, IB and SAT, and can assess students who have completed the equivalent of Australian high school for direct entry to the first year of a Bachelor degree.

Students who do not meet direct entry requirements may be offered a place in a Diploma or Foundation Studies program at UOW College.

Those who have completed the equivalent of Year 11 or "O" levels in overseas education systems can be assessed for a place in a Foundation Studies program.

Ready to apply?  Go to How to Apply.

School leavers completing Australian high school programs, in Australia or overseas

Applications can be made through UAC International by international applicants who are studying for:

  • an Australian Year 12 certificate (in Australia or overseas)
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) (in Australia or overseas)
  • the New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3


For students studying the HSC in Australia (including non-Australian citizens/residents), UOW’s Early Admission program offers the chance to secure a place at UOW before the HSC final exams even start. 

Bonus entry programs

Those studying their HSC in NSW can obtain up to six bonus points when applying to UOW.

Points to UOW awards up to three bonus points for  high performance in relevant HSC subjects. Once a preference a UOW course preference is submitted through UAC, the bonus points will be automatically added to the UOW preference.

Those taking their HSC at a school in UOW’s drawing area, or at a rural or remote school in NSW, will also receive three bonus points for each UOW course preference.

Applying through UAC

All NSW or ACT HSC candidates will be provided with application information and guides by the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) Applications open in early August.

An international student may preferences as many times as they like, but to start in Autumn Session at UOW, they must have their preferences finalised before October 29.

They  will be asked to list up to six degrees they wish to apply to, in order of preference. UAC will only make one offer, to the first degree the student qualifies for as UAC works through the preference list from first to last.

The full list of UOW Courses in 2013 shows indicative ATAR scores (for students completing an Australian Year 12); use this as a guide only as the scores shown are based on previous cut-offs.  

Foundation Studies qualifications

Students who have successfully completed a Foundation Studies program at either UOW College or another recognised provider are also eligible for direct entry.

All international school leavers can also apply directly to UOW.

Last reviewed: 29 October, 2014