Certified Documents

Certification of Documents

Original or certified copies of academic records, marksheets or transcripts of studies previously undertaken must be provided with your application.  Official certified English translations are also required for documents in another language.  The academic records must show all subjects undertaken, grades obtained (including failures) and stages reached or qualifications gained.  Evidence of graduate status should indicate that the academic requirements of the course have been completed or that the award has been conferred. 

The University reserves the right to require the applicant to produce original documents on request.

Applicants residing outside Australia

A photocopied document must be certified as a true copy of the original by anyone who is currently employed as an authorised officer at:

  • the institution that originally issued the documents; or
  • an Australian overseas diplomatic mission, Australian Education International or other authorised Australian education organisation approved by the University. 

People's Republic of China -  applicants should provide: original or certified copies of transcripts in both Chinese and English; and Bachelor Degree Award and Graduation Certificate which must be the certified bound booklets issued by a Notary Public Office in both Chinese and English.

Applicants residing in Australia

A photocopied document must be certified as a true copy of the original by a Justice of the Peace, or by:

  • an authorised officer in the admissions office at any tertiary institution in Australia
  • a member of CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountant in Australia, the National Institute of Accountants, the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants, or Registered Tax Agents
  • a bank branch manager, excluding bank travel centres
  • a barrister, solicitor, or patent attorney
  • a police officer
  • a post office manager
  • a principal of an Australian high school or primary school. 

The person certifying the photocopies must:

  • write on the copy:  This appears to be a true copy of the original document sighted by me”; and
  • sign the document; and
  • print the following details on each copy:  name, address, contact telephone number, profession or occupation, date verified; and
  • affix the official stamp or seal of the verifier’s organisation on the copy if available. 
Last reviewed: 17 June, 2009