Important Dates

Important dates for Early Admission

Monday 9 - Tuesday 10 October 2017 

Interview outcomes.
You will receive a separate outcome email for each course you applied to. We will start sending the emails on Monday 9 October, and with the last ones being sent by 5pm on Tuesday 10 October. Applicants will receive their outcome email any time during these two days.

Sunday 12 November 2017 - midnight

UAC Preference deadline.
Remember - to ensure you receive an official offer for your successful Early Admission course, you must have this course as your highest eligible UAC preference by midnight on this day. If you received two successful Early Admission outcomes - you'll need to choose which of these to place as your highest preference.

Thursday 16 November 2017 - 7.30am

UAC offers issued.
Your official UOW Early Admission offer will be made by UAC*. Log in to to access your offer. 
*Remember - the course (or one of the courses) you were offered by UOW, must be the highest eligible preference on your UAC list for the official offer to be issued. Head to UAC's website for more information about receiving your offer.

Thursday 16 November 2017 - 5.30pm - Wollongong campus

UOW Early Admission 'Congratulations' event 
Bring your family and celebrate receiving your offer to study at UOW. This offer recognises the hard work you put in to your final school years, and you should be very proud of this achievement. You will meet some of the academics and staff who will teach and support you during your time at UOW, and students you'll be studying with from 2018.

All successful students will receive their invitation shortly after being notified of their interview outcome.


Last reviewed: 17 October, 2017