2018 Art Auction artwork

The 14th Annual Art Auction

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  • Wollongong
    TAEM Gallery, Building 25

Place your bid! Buy an original work of art. Start or grow your art collection.

Third year students from Visual and Media Arts; Visual Arts and Design, and Graphic Design programs are holding their annual fundraiser: the 2018 Art Auction. This is a unique opportunity to purchase artworks by emerging and established artists including contributions from the nationally recognised artist/academics teaching into Visual and Media Arts as well as Graphic Design.

In 2018, the Art Auction takes the form of a three-day exhibition including silent bidding and a live auction to be held in the TAEM Gallery, School of the Arts, English and Media, Building 25. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Graduate Exhibition is the showcase event for graduating students in Visual and Media Arts; Visual Arts and Design, and Graphic Design. A dynamic event that takes over the walls, studios and galleries in Building 25 demonstrates the skills, capacity for hard work and rigour needed to successfully complete student’s degrees in Creative Arts and Design.

Graduating students, while supervised, are responsible for all aspects of their graduate showcase, from designing the promotional collateral to fundraising and installation, catering and event management. It is the ultimate Work Integrated Learning opportunity. This is an opportunity to support those endeavours while acquiring an original and unique artwork for your own.

Viewing: Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st August, 9am - 5pm
If you wish to make a silent bid, please visit the gallery during the viewing period. 
Live Art Auction: Wednesday 22nd August @ 12.30pm
Location: TAEM Gallery, Building 25, University of Wollongong

For further information or sales inquiries contact: 
Fundraising Art Auction Coordinator, Emily Andrew

Graduate Exhibition Coordinator, Stephanie Beaupark
Email: sb924@uowmail.edu.au

Art Auction supervisor: Dr Jacky Redgate