STEM Roadshow

Science Week, August 2019


Organised by the UOW Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS) and the In2Uni team, Year 9 & 10 High School students will have the opportunity to explore different aspects of Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths (STEM) in fun hands-on interactive activities during three-hour sessions. The UOW STEM Roadshow visited schools in the Bega region of Southern NSW in August 2019 and will be back on the road in 2020. 

Online Expression of Interest

Expressions of interest for the STEM Roadshow for Science Week 2020 are currently being taken. Please contact for details.


An introductory talk about STEM and STEM careers 10 minutes
Allocating student groups 5 minutes
3-4 activity rotations (20 minutes each) 60 to 80 minutes
Break 20 minutes
3-4 activity rotations (20 minutes each) 60 to 80 minutes
Activity Survey 15 minutes



Beam Experiment

Students build a small beam from balsa, glue and paddle pop sticks to see which beam can withstand the most weight. The beam is then tested with a cantilever weight.

Exploring DNA Structures

Students will learn about DNA, before carrying out an experiment to extract DNA from strawberries. Following this experiment, they will examine what happens when they change the structure of DNA by cooking an egg.

Bottle Rockets

Students will make bottle rockets using soda bottles, cardboard and tape to see which bottle rocket will travel the furthest.

Water Turbine

In this challenge students create water turbine blades to create enough motion to pull up a weight.

Race Car Simulator

Students explore the importance of simulators in testing large scale projects. In this activity they will each be able to try one lap on the simulator.


Students will explore the use of robotics in our everyday world. In teams of 2 they will be challenged to navigate robots through a maze using code.

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