Projects & Purchasing

Project Information & Purchasing


When undertaking ECTE250, ECTE351 and hardware based ECTE456/457/498/499/940 projects it is essential that you meet with Faisel Tubbal and Yani Theoharis to discuss the ideas of the project you wish to undertake. They will provide support to your project on electrical matters.

If you require any mechanical support you can discuss this with Faisel Tubbal.

Job Requests

Please note that all PCB work needs to be completed in the first half of Spring Session. Work is done on a first come, first served basis.

The last PCB order to go through will be Friday Week 9 of Spring Session. Therefore your designs must be ready well in advance of this date.

Purchasing Preparation

Before you can commence purchasing you must talk to a workshop staff member about your project and what you plan on buying. This will help you determine the feasibility of the project you are attempting.

You must complete and hand in the appropriate

  • Project Form
  • Budget Form and
  • Risk Assessment Form

This will ensure that you have a good understanding of the risks associated with your project. ECTE250 and ECTE351 groups must designated 2 people that will be responsible for purchasing and consulting the Workshop staff. No orders will be accepted from non designated students. The designation is placed on the ECTE250/351 Project Forms.

Finding Suppliers

It is advised that all purchases are made from an Australian company. An extremely good case will need to be made to justify a purchase from an international company. Please note that significant delays may occur when undertaking international orders. This may be a result of a number of factors including import/export documentation, customs, and shipping method. Previously some students have received their parts only days before submitting their project work. The school does not take responsibility for the time it takes parts to arrive.

SECTE recommends the following three suppliers:

Suppliers Blacklisted: Futurlec cannot be used to purchase parts for your project due to bad delivery record.


If placing an order via one of the preferred suppliers you do not need to include a freight cost. The cost of freight will be covered by the school.


Please note that when ordering most web sites show the quantity of items currently in stock. Please allow at least a month should the item be currently sold out. Orders from certain web sites can also be placed. Create a shopping cart at the chosen web site (including the freight cost) and attach a printed screen dump to the Authority to Order Parts form.

  • Please note that eBay or other auction sites, or sites that require payment via Paypal, Cheque, Money order will not be accepted.
  • Credit Card orders must be accepted.

When using suppliers other than the 3 recommended please ensure that you check that all stock is available. Most online suppliers will not ship any parts until they have all the stock available. Therefore if 1 item is on backorder for a long period of time, then all parts will not arrive until that back order has been filled.


Each team has a budget of $350 which can be used for the purchasing of parts and posters (posters ordered via Stores Officer)


Each team has a budget of $350 which can be used for the purchasing of parts and posters (posters ordered via Stores Officer)


Each project has a budget of $350 which can be used for the purchasing of parts

As a part of the project form process, you need to submit a budget that will estimate your expenses for the entire year. The budget only needs to be very simple and just highlight the expenses you anticipate throughout the project (see example).


Students who purchase parts without going through the above procedures will not be reimbursed for their purchases. Do not even ask.

Final Day for ordering all items is Friday Week 8 of Spring Session.