Thesis students presenting at the end of year School of Electrical and Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE) Innovation Fair are required to design and print a poster to showcase their research.

ECTE250/350 teams are required to produce posters to market their project display at the Innovation Fair. Teams may use up to $44 of their team budget to produce up to two posters of A1 size ($22 each).

Students will be able to print their posters using a gift voucher from Office Works. To order a pre-paid gift voucher students must complete a Purchase Requisition Form available from Mr Brian Biehl, Faculty Officer, Building 35, Room 132a (SECTE Stores Office).

The deadline for ECTE250/350 teams to request an Office Works gift voucher is Friday 25th September 2015.

Details of accepted formats for printing can be found on the Office Works website. The closest Office Works store is in Fairy Meadow, and it is located beside the 55C bus stop of the Wollongong Free Shuttle Bus service.

Please do not leave your printing until the last minute as the school will not take into consideration any printing issues in relation to delays at Office Works.