This course is intended for academic staff and postgraduate students who are planning to use this package. SPSS's operation on a Mac is almost identical to PC, and Mac users would have no transitional difficulties.

The course provides an introduction to SPSS on PCs, and includes:

  • defining variables
  • graphical techniques
  • saving data and output • importing data
  • computing new variables
  • hypothesis testing: t-tests, proportions, two-way tables
  • correlation
  • linear regression.


This course will be given by Carole Birrell and Marijka Batterham, from the National Institute of Applied Statistics Research Australia, both instructors have considerable experience with the use of this package.

Important Information

Course notes will be provided. Please bring along a USB for saving work.

Please be aware that this course teaches statistical computing, not statistics. You should know how to use a PC or a Mac computer. If you need training in basic statistics, you should do the course “How to analyse data”, offered annually.


A charge of $99 (or $90 if paid by your University department) will be made for students currently enrolled in a research degree at the University of Wollongong and salaried staff of the University of Wollongong. A receipt will be issued. The course is limited to a maximum of 20 people. Enrolments will be taken strictly in order of receipt. The course will not run if there are insufficient enrolments.

How to enrol

To enrol in this course:

  • Please complete an enrolment form and email to eis-research@uow.edu.au
  • Payment can be made by providing a university account number approved by an authorised signatory or credit card

Applications will not be accepted without accompanying payment.


The SPSS course is usually run in orientation week of Autumn and Spring sessions if numbers permit. An email will be sent out to all staff and postgraduate students before the next course.