Subject outline: policies and guidelines

  • This is a list collated to be read in conjunction with the subject outline.
  • It doesn’t broadly cover all policies and guidelines for students.
Academic integrity involves upholding ethical standards in all aspects of academic work, including learning, teaching and research. It involves acting with the principles of honesty, fairness, trust and responsibility and requires respect for knowledge and its development. 
This Code mandates the current policy and best practice relating to procedures for responsible research.
This Code sets out the responsibilities of all parties involved in managing students undertaking Honours Programs. 
The Code of Practice – Work Integrated Learning (Professional Experience) sets out what is expected from students, the University and Host Organisations in providing work integrated learning professional experience programs. It applies to professional experience programs that form the whole or part of a subject or course offered at the University. The Code assists in promoting a productive work integrated learning experience for students and in promoting relevant UOW Work Integrated Learning Design Principles.
The purpose of this Policy is to outline responsibilities and procedures regarding the use of third party copyright material, with the objectives of reducing staff and UOW exposure to the risks associated with the use of third party copyright material, assisting staff to make full legal use of the materials at their disposal by clearly identifying responsibilities and promoting copyright compliance. 
The Course Progress Policy establishes the requirements, definitions and procedures to be used in determining the standards of acceptable course progress.
The UOW rules and procedures outline exam conditions, student conduct in exams, and the procedures for exam management.
This policy provides a framework for recognition of and responses to students' ethical or religious objection to animal use in coursework subjects at the University of Wollongong. For the purpose of this policy, animal use includes killing of animals in experimental work, dissection of animals that are already dead, use of animal tissues, use of animal-derived products (such as sera). These uses are relevant to teaching and assessment. 
The Coursework Rules (hereafter the Rules) govern the admission, enrolment, progression through, and qualification for a coursework award offered by the University. Further information can be found here:
The Human Research Ethics Committee protects the welfare and rights of the participants in research activities. 
UOW endorses a policy of non-discriminatory language practice in all academic and administrative activities of the University. 
UOW’s Intellectual Property Policy provides guidance on the approach taken to Intellectual Property (IP), including its ownership, protection and exploitation.
The purpose of this Policy is to set out the University of Wollongong’s approach to effective learning, teaching and assessment, including the principles and minimum standards underlying teaching and assessment practice. 
This Code is a key document in implementing the University’s Teaching and Assessment Policy and sets out the specific responsibilities of parties affected in relation to learning, teaching and assessment, as well as procedures for teaching staff. 
This Policy sets out specific requirements in relation to the delivery of Subjects. 
UOW aims to provide a transparent and consistent process for resolving a student concern about an academic decision that has affected their academic progress, including a mark or grade. 
The purpose of the Student Academic Consideration Policy is to enable student requests for academic consideration for assessable components of a subject to be evaluated in a fair, reasonable, timely and consistent manner throughout the University. 
The Student Charter is based on principles that guide all members of the University and that promote responsible partnerships within and beyond the University community.
This policy applies to all Students (under-graduate and post-graduate) of the University of Wollongong (UOW). It may also apply to other persons by agreement. This policy sets out the approach taken by UOW in relation to Student assignment of intellectual property. 
These Rules outline the required conduct of students of UOW, and direct staff and students to University Rules, standards, codes, policies, guidelines, procedures and other requirements which specify acceptable and unacceptable student conduct, and the management of alleged student misconduct.
The Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) unit at UOW aims to provide structures, system and support to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all at the campus.