EIS Student Mentors

If you're new to the University of Wollongong (UOW) or just looking for advice from a friendly and supportive network, the EIS Student Mentoring program is for you. EIS mentors are typically final year students who can assist you by:

  • providing advice and helping you to navigate lectures, tutorials and UOW systems
  • familiarising you with your Faculty, School and UOW success and support services
  • sharing their knowledge and experience at UOW and answering your questions
  • developing your support and friendship networks via organising a variety of social and study sessions

Whether you are studying in Australia or offshore, you can connect with a peer mentor online via email, Zoom, or on campus. The program is open to all UOW current students.

If you need help from a mentor please contact one of the student mentors below. 

School of Civil, Mining, Environmental & Architectural Engineering (CMEA)

Dinh Hung Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Scholar) -Civil dhd894@uowmail.edu.au  
Ami Kesawa  Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Scholar) - Civil mlrk900@uowmail.edu.au
Phuong Do Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) mpd853@uowmail.edu.au

School of Computing & Information Technology (SCIT)

Keanu Hamza Bachelor of Computer Science (Scholar) - Software Engineering & Cyber Security kh784@uowmail.edu.au 
Ali Husnain  Bachelor of Computer Science - Cyber Security & Digital Systems Security ah530@uowmail.edu.au 
Zhifa Qiu Bachelor of Computer Science - Cyber Security zq709@uowmail.edu.au 
Anne Raveena Bachelor of Computer Science - Cyber Security arfm995@uowmail.edu.au 
Cheyenne Tonkins Bachelor of Computer Science (Scholar) cjt919@uowmail.edu.au 
Timothy Wang (Liverpool Campus) Bachelor of Computer Science tzw961@uowmail.edu.au 
Helena Ibro Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) & Master of Computer Science hi852@uowmail.edu.au
Ayushi Nasa Master of Information Technology an599@uowmail.edu.au 

School of Electrical, Computer & Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE)

Julien Hill Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) - Computer jfh828@uowmail.edu.au 
Deuni Perera Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) - Electrical dsp852@uowmail.edu.au 
Lord Thabet Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Scholar) - Telecommunications lt116@uowmail.edu.au 
Shakif Turjo Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Scholar) - Computer sat426@uowmail.edu.au 
Yang Di Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) yd475@uowmail.edu.au 
Anne Mary Master of Engineering amb707@uowmail.edu.au 

School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics (SMAS)


Carrin Goosen 

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)  / Bachelor of Mathematics cg328@uowmail.edu.au 

Daniel Mayo

Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics djm916@uowmail.edu.au 

School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic & Biomedical Engineering (MMMB)

Carrin Goosen Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Bachelor of Mathematics cg328@uowmail.edu.au 
Mitchell Kelly Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) - Mechanical mfk927@uowmail.edu.au 
Dimitri Komninos Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) - Mechanical & Materials dk813@uowmail.edu.au 
Trang Ngo Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Scholar) - Materials lqtn999@uowmail.edu.au  
Sajiv Nirmal Kumar Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) - Biomedical snk915@uowmail.edu.au 
Aaron Pius Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) - Mechanical ajp920@uowmail.edu.au 
Luella Rodin Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Scholar) ler998@uowmail.edu.au