Degree Checklists

Degree Checklists (SECTE)

The Bachelor of Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Telecommunications) degree has a core program that must be completed by all students, irrespective of their major. This core program is clearly defined from Year 1 until mid-way through year 3 when you then begin to undertake subjects that are required to satisfy your chosen field of study.

Students enrolled in a double degree program will complete the same subjects as the single degree students over a recommended five (5) year program as opposed to the standard four (4) year program that is undertaken by single degree students.

The following checklists outline the recommended program of study. We strongly advise that you follow the checklist for the degree as provided and resist the urge to deviate from your core program of subjects. If you are considering amending your program of study or have not achieved a pass grade in any of the required core subjects, please consult with the relevant Academic Adviser prior to renewing your enrolment.