Staff comments

"I have learnt that PASS is an essential program to help students meet the challenge of university level mathematics. It provides them with an informal environment in which they feel free to ask questions, not just about the mathematics that they are being taught but why are they being taught it… PASS also provides students with a forum to develop better study habits… I have gone from not knowing what PASS is, to considering it an integral part of the student learning experience.'

A/Prof. Mark Nelson
School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics, UOW.

'The PASS program has been utilised in my large first year business statistics subject over the last few years. We adopted the program because a significant proportion of students typically struggle in this demanding quantitative subject. Both anecdotal evidence and statistical analysis have shown the dramatic improvement in student results and confidence as a result of the PASS program, especially for students who traditionally do poorly in this subject. Apart from the direct effect of improving students’ results and capabilities in my subject, other evidence suggests that students also gain the skills and confidence to pursue further quantitative subjects at a more advanced level. I have also conducted statistical analysis of the use of PASS in subjects taught by other faculties and have reached similar conclusions.'

Dr. Martin O’Brien
Associate Head of School, Accounting, Economics & Finance, UOW.

'Those of our students who participate at all levels (from strugglers to stars) enjoy overall results that are significantly better across the board than those who do not take part. They also build their social capital through interactions with each other in a supportive learning and task focused environment. PASS helps break down communication barriers between students. It enriches the learning experience.'

A/Prof. Michael Zanko
Associate Dean, Academic Programs (Faculty of Business and Law), UOW.