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Year 12 Super Study Week

If you're a Year 12 student who will be participating in our University Preparation Program or Summer Master Classes in 2021, the Year 12 HSC Super Study Week is the next step you need to take to seriously strengthen your approach to the HSC.

You clearly have the drive to succeed - your participation in our programs shows that - however now is the time to really focus and get your head in the game for your exams. We'll give you techniques and tips, you'll put them into practice with mock exams and you'll receive feedback to really refine your skills before the HSC starts. You'll also hear from current students and UOW staff about what your future could look like at UOW after exams. Knowing what you're working towards will help motivate you right now when it counts. 

When is Super Study Week?

Super Study Week for 2020 has now been delivered; check back in with us in 2021 for our program dates for the new year ahead in 2021 for Year 12 students.

How can I attend?

Program delivery formats and details will be provided to Year 12 students in 2021 once the program schedule has been finalised.

What will I learn?

  • Complete a HSC English mock exam (Standard, Advanced or EAL/D paper available)
  • Gain written feedback on their mock exam answers from HSC Markers
  • Learn techniques to further deconstruct exam questions and gain valuable insights from current HSC markers
  • Access to UOW faculty information sessions about degrees and entry requirements
  • Get the low-down about UAC and applying for Early Admission with UOW
  • Access to student wellness resources
  • Gain insights into UOW pathways opportunities
  • Hear from the UOW Woolyungah Indigenous Centre (WIC)
  • Hear from current UOW students about their HSC exam advice

SSW 2020 event schedule example (PDF)

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Vital insights and strategies to assist you in preparing for the HSC and preparing your pathways and options for future opportunities ahead.
  • Certificate of Participation to add to your portfolio once you complete all required activity components.
    *Please note: some activities during the Super Study Week are mandatory in order to receive the Certificate of Participation.
  • HSC English Exam feedback & HSC Marker advice.

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