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Year 11 programs

Year 11...things are getting serious now as you work your way towards the end of high school. You've chosen subjects that you like, are good at or are passionate about, and it's now that your effort, hard work, marks and extra-curricular activities start to count towards your future. So, how do you make smart decisions about that future? You become super informed about your options and have a clear vision of where you want to go - that's how! We have the programs and expertise to help you do that. Check them out!

What's on?

Uni Connect Zoom meeting Uni Connect
In2Uni mentors Cat Rach Year 11 Future Finder

A bit more about Uni Connect


Students are trying to make sense of their options after school and navigate all the different opportunities on offer. Uni Connect is a personalised consultation service offered to Year 11 students where they can receive tailored information that will help them navigate their higher education journey. In2Uni Mentors will facilitate these consultations, offering guidance and assisting Year 11 students as they move into the first term of Year 12. Uni Connect is especially suited to, but not limited to, students who are seeking ongoing advice around pathway options, university support services, scholarship options, accommodation services and more.

Content & topics explored:

Uni Connect will be tailored to the student’s needs and information they are seeking at the time. The consultations will be student centred and led by their questions and needs. Each month there will be themes/talking points that mentors will work through with students, however Year 11 students have control over what they would like advice and answers to.

Here are some potential themes/talking points the monthly consultations may cover:

  • SMART Goal
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Current HSC subjects
  • Pathways Information- TAFE, UOW College, Bridging Programs, Gap Year
  • Looking at students pathways - Plan A, B or C
  • UOW Early Admission Information
  • UOW Degree Options- Tutorial on UOW Course Finder
  • ATAR/UAC/NESA Information and Key Dates
  • Tips and Tricks on tackling the HSC

How is this delivered:

Year 11/12 students have the chance to book in a suitable time in their schedule to have a consultation session with experienced UOW Mentors. The consultations will be via Zoom at set times on a monthly basis with a group of maximum 10 students in the consultation.

Who can apply?

  • You must be completing your HSC or IB in 2021 at a high school in the Illawarra, South East Sydney or South Western Sydney regions
  • You must be attending an In2Uni sponsored school, OR meet one of the following criteria:
    • Completing the HSC in a rural or remote area
    • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
    • On a permanent humanitarian visa or have refugee status
    • Currently experiencing financial hardship, disability, mental or physical health condition, or social disadvantage that have impacted on your studies. You may be asked to provide details of these circumstances.

Dates & availability:

Uni Connect will commence in TERM 3 – September 2020, 

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A bit more about Future Finder (Year 11)


Year 11 Future Finder workshops aim to reinforce the awareness of post-high school options with students and inform them of practical ways to achieve them. Delivered by In2Uni Mentors, students are exposed to information about goal setting, have the opportunity to work in smaller groups depending on their interest in either university or VET pathways, or a planning session for those who are unsure about their goals after school. The sessions are casual and conversational in nature, and designed to provide students with knowledge and practical tips catering to their future plans.

Content & topics explored:

Each workshop will be an interactive and informative mix of discussion and activities, and will explore the following content:

  • Future Post-School Options & Goal Setting
  • 21st Century Employability Skills & Future Job Trends
  • Small group focus on planning and understanding university, vocational and employment options
  • Yarning circle discussions on finding your passion & harnessing your interests
  • Practical activities to explore student interest areas
  • Exploration of future UOW Year 12 opportunities ahead during the HSC

How is this delivered:

The Year 11 Future Finder sessions will be delivered online via Zoom in 2020. Sessions are typically 2 hours in duration, however they can be modified to suit school timetabling needs and in-school requirements where necessary. Obviously. this would mean particular activities would need to be omitted to cater for this, however we will ensure your students get a polished and professional workshop no matter what. Please notify our team if you need an alternative structure to suit your scheduling.  

NSW Curriculum Outcomes explored:

The following objectives and outcomes from the Year 11 Life Ready Course are explored through the content of the Year 11 Future Finder Workshops:

  • Objective 1 - Enhance their ability to think critically and creatively to take action to promote independence, health, safety and wellbeing of self and others
    • 1.1 Assess personal strengths and skills to achieve positive outcomes in a range of challenging and changing situations
    • 1.2 Critically evaluate services and resources to identify sources of reliable information and support
    • 1.3 Build positive thinking, self-belief and a sense of empowerment to take action to promote meaningful futures for self and others.
  • Objective 4 - Plan, develop and evaluate strategies to support the independence, health, safety and wellbeing of self and others
    • 4.1 Demonstrate capacity to build resilience and adapt to manage current and future challenges
    • 4.2 Propose, apply and evaluate solutions to take action to lead and contribute to healthy, safe and meaningful lives.

Dates & Availability:

Workshops are available throughout Term 3 & Term 4, 2020. 

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