Goodwill Hunting
Preloved. Recycled. Free.

Celebrating 10 years of goodwill

To meet the changing needs of our students, and to sustainably accommodate the sheer volume of donations, UOW is looking at new ways to deliver Goodwill Hunting in the future. As a result, we won’t be calling for donations for the 2023 Goodwill Hunting initiative. We welcome your continued future involvement and commitment to this initiative.

Goodwill Hunting provides UOW students free household items to help them get established.

The success of our annual Goodwill Hunting initiative has depended on the generosity of UOW staff and the community who have donated household items to the cause.

Watch Goodwill Hunting in action

This dialogue-free video showcases what transpires during the Goodwill Hunting initiative.

Text in video:

University of Wollongong Australia Goodwill Hunting. Preloved. Recylced. Free.

UOW's Goodwill Hunting initiative provides students with free household items that have been generously donated by UOW staff and the wider community.

Now in its 9th year, Goodwill Hunting has grown from 80 students to well over 1,000 students in 2020. Note to viewers/listeners: Goodwill Hunting is now 10. This video was produced a year ago.

For three months, a small, very dedicated group of wonderful volunteers sort, wash, repair, re-purpose and package donated items. Our volunteers range in age from 18 years to early 80s.

Four hundred and eighteen 120-litre tubs. Two hundred and eighty-two bags of linen. Two hundred and forty-eight bread crates.

An army of student volunteers help unpack donated items.