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Staff awards

Recognising staff excellence

The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Community Engagement was established in 2006 to recognise, reward and encourage exceptional community engagement by staff members of the University, as an individual or as part of a team. Up to two awards may be made each year.

The annual award is open to professional and academic staff for both individual and team awards. The award(s) will be presented annually at the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards.

For further information on the selection criteria and how to nominate, please refer to the Excellence in Community Engagement Nomination Form.

Nominations are open from 13 March to 15 May 2020. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony in August.

For more information please contact community@uow.edu.au.

“Winning the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Community Engagement was such privilege. It has been a talking point for those members of the community who visit the campus, they see the good work that UOW Batemans Bay is doing in our community and that makes them really proud to have a university campus in their region.”Jaimey FacchinMogo and Mudji Team, Winners 2018