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Iftar dinner

UOW Community Leaders Iftar Dinner

Since 2013, UOW has hosted an annual Iftar dinner, collaborating initially with Affinity Intercultural Foundation (AIF) and then uniting with Amity College from 2017.

Iftar is the meal eaten after sunset during Sawm, the fasting that occurs during the holy month of Ramadan. Iftar meals are also a symbol of friendship, understanding and social harmony. The event brings together education, faith and community leaders from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Through the simple act of sharing a meal, attendees learn from one another and strengthen connections and friendships.


On Tuesday, 21 May, UOW and Amity College co-hosted their 7th annual Iftar dinner at the UOW Innovation Campus.

With guests coming together in the spirit of understanding, the Iftar dinner provided an opportunity for attendees to reflect on the core universal values that unite as all, as well as recognise our differences as a source of strength.

Highlights of the program included a keynote address by Professor Alison Jones, a beautiful musical performance from students from Amity College, an address on social harmony from local lawyer Hayley Kelloway, and a unique artistic performance from Fatih Sultan Kose, master of Ebru marbling.

In the spirit of harmony and sharing culture, Professor Alison Jones taught the audience about ‘croeso’, the Welsh word for welcome and shared a personal story of the unity and compassion she witnessed in the wake of the Christchurch attacks in March 2019.

In delivering the Vote of Thanks, Senior Professor Daniel Hutto and his wife, Mrs Farah Hutto, echoed the sentiments of welcome, understanding and perseverance. Professor Hutto reminded each attendee that the warmth, open dialogue and sharing of culture displayed at the Iftar dinner should not just happen on one night, but needs to continue each and every day.

Dr Melissa Thompson, Senior Manager of Advancement Services and Community Engagement said that UOW are proud to host an annual Iftar dinner as part of the University’s commitment to building community and extending hospitality.

View photos from the evening.

Sharing stories, celebrating diversity

Providing a platform to bring together community leaders from all backgrounds, cultures and religions, along with a number of teachers, principals and lecturers. The evening offers an opportunity to celebrate diversity and promote social harmony in our community.