UOW Early Admission

and early

Certainty for next year

Originally from Toowoomba in Queensland, Lizzy knew she was interested in both graphic design and international studies. Her Early Admission offer to a double degree at UOW was the perfect way to combine the two.

“This degree really gave me an opportunity to hone my skills in both of those areas and follow two interests that I had.”

For her, the security of having a place at UOW after Year 12 was a huge advantage going into exams.

“I'd never been to Wollongong before, but UOW’s Early Admission program looked like a really good way for me to get my foot in the door, start preparing for next year and have a bit of certainty. The application process was quite straightforward, we just had to answer all the questions. I actually really liked it because I got to talk a bit more about myself rather than just what marks I've got in grade 12.”

“The day that I found out that I got in was really awesome. I was really lucky to have that certainty when going into my final exams.”

The move from rural Queensland has been a rewarding one, with Lizzy having opportunities to live on campus, make lifelong friends and even land a job while still studying.

“At the moment I'm working as a graphic designer and illustrator at a local screen printing and graphic design studio.”

“I think having the practical assessments and subjects in my graphic design degree was a really great help. I not only had quite a large body of work that I could take to my interview to show my [now] boss, but it also meant that I knew how to sell myself as a student. I wasn't afraid to be confident in my work because I'd had support for my assignments. They'd been finalised and packaged up really cleanly due to the help and feedback from my lecturers and other graphic design students.

Earn a scholarship

Anthea Faferko has a bright future ahead of her. Now in her fourth year of a UOW Business degree, Anthea believes that “Business is what makes the world go around. I see a business degree as an opportunity to become a future leader that will positively contribute to society.”

The former Smith's Hill High School student was encouraged by her careers adviser to apply for Early Admission. Anthea was excited knowing she had an early offer for the Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) (Dean's Scholar) waiting for her. The high-achiever didn’t stop there, saying “I still wanted to work hard to get good marks for myself”. Based on her final HSC results Anthea was offered two academic scholarships and a place in the Dean’s Scholar program.

With many options open to her, Anthea shares that she “chose UOW because it’s a world-leading university where students are treated as a name and not just another student number. You’re encouraged to be yourself and think critically. Employers don’t want you to be cut from a cookie cutter of business graduates. They want you to be unique and think outside the box.

My experience taught me that UOW is a place where you will always be supported and recognised for your hard work.” Anthea complete the Business Internship subject at Aon Consulting, who went on to offer her an ongoing part-time role alongside her studies. We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this future leader.

Ease the stress

Right up until he submitted his university application, UOW student Jackson McBeath was still unsure about what he wanted to do. But he knew the possibility of receiving Early Admission to UOW would help him focus better on his exams.

Now, three years into his degree, he’s so glad he hit that submit button.

“I thought I wanted to do something for three or four years and then in the last two weeks before the applications closed, I ended up sticking with the degree I had listed for UOW Early Admission, and I'm still here three years later.”

“I think finding out a couple of days before your first exam that you already have an offer to university took the stress out of everything. It let me focus on my studies a lot more and I wasn't so worried about what the ATAR was going to be or the applications I had to get in.”

It was through Early Admission that he received an offer to pre-medicine, science and health - a degree that has offered up interesting, practical-based learning opportunities every year.

“Every single year you get to go to the anatomy lab and practise all the different anatomy and physiology on actual real human cadavers. It's the best way to learn, it's also a really enjoyable way to practise your skills and learn anatomy in a hands-on way.”

The best part of the degree is that, even though he isn’t 100% sure of his end career, Jackson has realised the countless directions it can take him when he graduates.

“I'm really interested in exercise and sports science, and I think that would be a great avenue to pursue to maybe work professionally for a professional sports team, as well as travel around and help out rural Australia, where there's always a shortage of doctors and get my hands dirty doing as much as I can.”

Open doors

Andrew Woods may not have known exactly what he wanted to do during high school, but he was sure of one thing. “I wanted to leave this world a better place to live in than when I entered it.” Five years later, Andrew agrees that “the Bachelor of Social Science (Public Health) provided me with the tools and knowledge to do just that."

"UOW was highly recommended by my school’s careers adviser. I did some research on the University, checked out the campus, and the decision made itself. I applied for and received an Early Admission offer which helped remove some of the stress I had prior to the HSC.”

The foundations for Andrew’s career were laid during his studies. “UOW really did open doors for me from day one. I was required to complete a research project as part of a work placement with the Heart Foundation. This experience greatly contributed towards building skills and referees. After graduating I was able to almost instantly gain employment as a Health Promotion Officer for NSW Health.”

Andrew went on to work on the state-wide implementation of the Healthy Children Initiative aimed at reducing childhood obesity. “This work allowed me partake in community engagement. I felt like I was making a real difference in people’s lives.” The project also sparked Andrew’s interest in postgraduate study. “I worked closely with the Early Start Research Institute at UOW, which created the opportunity for me to come back to study a Master of Philosophy. I plan to turn my research into a PhD next year, so if all goes to plan I should be ‘Dr Andrew Woods’ by the age of 26 which is a crazy thought!

All of these amazing opportunities started with UOW, and for that I am forever thankful.”

Feel the relief

Third-year UOW student Olivia Smith always had an interest in Human Geography, and attended a summer master class at UOW while still in high school. But while she knew what she wanted to study, she was still anxious about getting into uni.

Olivia applied for Early Admission, and received an offer for the Bachelor of Sustainable Communities. “I was so relieved to get an Early Admission offer before my HSC exams. I’ve never been the best at sitting exams. They make me nervous. I like assessments better and knew that I could do well in those. I was able to use my results to earn the offer I wanted."

Studying at UOW has brought geography to life for Olivia. "I chose my course because I’m fascinated by the connections between people and the environment. Everyone is connected without us even realising it. And I just love my teachers. They’re so enthusiastic and so creative in the ways they get you to learn.”

Olivia’s degree has even taken her on her first overseas visit, on a study trip to India with 20 other students and Geography staff. “It was good for my first trip to be with a group of other people. We went to the Western Ghats. It’s a densely populated area where they’re encroaching on the natural environment. We looked at how they co-exist with the environment and support the indigenous communities living in the forest areas there.”

More than an ATAR

Sport has always been a big part of Jayden’s life. After receiving an Early Admission offer to UOW, he’s now working towards a career in it.
“I want to have a career where I can be in a professional environment and help players recover from injuries.”

“I got into UOW through Early Admission and it lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. The degree I wanted to get into, and that I'm studying now, has an ATAR of 95, and to get that was putting a lot of pressure on me to do well in the HSC. Receiving Early Admission for my degree just really helped me relax.”

His early offer to UOW was the beginning of a university experience beyond what he could have imagined when he was in Year 12. Throughout his degree, Jayden has done a high-profile internship and represented UOW in a university world cup tournament, placing second in the world.

“Through my degree, I was fortunate enough to get an internship with the Wellington Phoenix, a professional soccer team in the A-League. Through this internship, I was able to get great practical experience in physiotherapy and strength and conditioning working with their head strength and conditioning coach. The team is located on the UOW campus, so without studying at UOW, I wouldn't have had this opportunity.

“In 2019 I went to China and represented UOW at the FISU University World Cup and we came second in the world. It was a really good experience to see what living in another country would be like and to be in a professional environment for soccer.

“I definitely recommend Early Admission to any Year 12 students out there. It's a great way to take the pressure off your shoulders for the HSC exams. Getting that Early Admission acceptance is a great feeling.”

Happy tears

UOW student Liilu was set on studying at UOW, so when she received two Early Admission offers, it was a dream come true.

“I was anxiously waiting for my Early Admissions offer. My best friend texted me and she said I just got an email from UOW and I was kind of freaking out.”

“So, I went onto my computer and I was refreshing my email, one offer came through and then the second offer came through and I just cried. I was so excited. My friend and I were so glad we both got into uni together and that we were going to keep studying together and do what we loved.”

Liilu came into the Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences not knowing what career she wanted at the end, but through theoretical and practical learning experiences, she’s had opportunities to explore different areas of interest.

“I really like to keep my options open, which is why I chose the degree I did, but I do love the idea of doing surgery.”

“In my first year I was in the anatomy labs and I was with human cadavers, which are specimens donated by people for science. Having that hands-on aspect and that practical learning is something that I really enjoy.”

Uni hasn’t just been about the degree for Liilu. It’s also been a place where she has found her balance.

“I love the wellbeing that's emphasised here. It's emphasised to me that I don't have to be studying all the time, which is something I did a lot in Year 12. It helped me find a balance between social life and academia while still doing well in uni.”

Thinking back to where it all started, Liilu had one word of advice.

“I could not recommend Early Admission more. Sometimes it’s just a little boost of confidence that you need to push you on your way and finish the year with a bang.”

Lock in your plan

Education student Tian Collins had heard about Early Admission during high school. “I had friends who had done it, and I also heard about it at Discovery Days.” For the former Cedars Christian College student, it was a no-brainer to apply for an early offer.

“I applied for Early Admission because I’m someone who likes to plan ahead and be organised. I loved knowing what I needed to do to get a uni offer.”

Early childhood education had always intrigued Tian, and studying the Bachelor of Education - The Early Years has reinforced her passion.  “My course has been amazing. Better than I thought it would be. When I first got here I was very nervous. The teachers made it so clear to us that you’re supported, and they’re here for you.

I just love learning about children. It’s not just about playing with kids. We learn it’s important to consider context – family, community, everything that makes up who the child is. Teaching is so important for the future, it sets children up as members of society."

Hands-on experience is also built into the degree, including hours of practical placements. UOW Education students like Tian benefit from the on-site Early Start facility – the most sophisticated teaching, research and community engagement initiative undertaken in Australia.

“We can use the Early Start centre for observations and practical placements, building our understanding how to set up learning environments.”

When hard work pays off

Originally from Canberra, Lara was considering universities all over Australia. As well as the reputation of UOW, it was the beautiful campus and supportive environment that helped her make her decision.

“I considered a lot of different universities. It was when I came to the University of Wollongong and I saw just how beautiful the campus was, it made me feel comfortable straight away and that's not something I experienced at any other campus. I also met really passionate people when I came on a tour, and it felt like a nice, supportive environment.”

Lara applied for two degrees through UOW Early Admission and says the process was much less daunting and more informative than she thought it would be.

“It’s great how through Early Admission you can apply for more than one degree. It was a really good process, a lot less stressful than I thought. It allowed me to talk to the academics, which was about me seeing what UOW was like as much as it was about them accepting me.”

“It was such a relief to get the offer before I sat my final exams. I still really cared about my marks, but it just took that weight off my shoulders.”

Being early and working hard was a winning combination, with Lara also receiving a few scholarships - including one for her accommodation - to kickstart her UOW experience.

“I still worked really hard in Year 12 despite getting my Early Admission offer. This resulted in me getting several scholarships from UOW, including a residential scholarship that paid for my whole first year in a student residence. I also received a few faculty scholarships that have helped support me in my studies and allowed me to travel to different places for my placements.”

Discover options

Information and Communications Technology student David Matthews did his research before selecting UOW. Now in his final year of a Bachelor of Computer Science, majoring in Software Engineering and Cyber Security, David “chose UOW because it has one of the best reputations for computer science in all of Australia”.

Location also played a factor, with his chosen course based at UOW’s South Western Sydney campus in Liverpool. “Being able to study close to home is great as it saves me a lot of time and means I can go into uni more often. I also like the size of the campus. I find the smaller classes allow for the teachers to get to know the students better.”

David applied for Early Admission in Year 12. “I hoped to take some stress off of my final exams and have some security as to what University course I was going to do. The feeling of receiving my offer was great! I got the news a few days before I started my exams so it was a huge relief. I received offers for both the courses I applied for which gave me a bit more freedom when it came to making my final decision.”