Strategic Marketing and Communications Unit

Strategic Marketing and Communications Unit

The Strategic Marketing and Communications Unit (SMCU) leads marketing communication strategy for the University and works collaboratively across divisions and faculties to support and unify marketing efforts. SMCU develops and implements university-wide messaging and strategies to position UOW effectively and support the delivery of initiatives which meet the objectives of the University’s strategic plan. The Marketing Communications Unit consists of the following functions: Marketing Services, Digital Marketing, Media Services and Creative Services.

The Strategic Marketing and Communications Unit’s resources and efforts are focused on:

  1. Enhancing UOW’s positioning through marketing and communications strategies that strengthen brand visibility and awareness of our strategic priorities.
  2. Developing and executing integrated marketing and communications to achieve UOW’s student international and domestic enrolment targets.
  3. Supporting the University’s efforts to develop and foster strong research and industry partnerships nationally and internationally.
  4. Supporting efforts to engage UOW’s staff in the delivery of the University’s Strategic Plan and priorities.
  5. Supporting efforts that promote the University’s engagement with its community and alumni.
  6. Development, execution and assessment of UOW’s marketing and communications administrative and operational processes and practices in alignment with the University’s strategic goals.

SMCU aims to work collaboratively across these divisions to support and unify marketing and communication efforts at UOW.

For brand and marketing enquiries contact

For media information and enquiries contact UOW Media.

Last reviewed: 4 September, 2018


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