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WATTLE Executive Committee

Associate Professor Sarah O’Shea
Senior Fellow and Chair of the WATTLE Executive Committee

Sarah O’Shea

Sarah is an Associate Professor in Adult, Vocational and Higher Education with the School of Education at the University of Wollongong (UOW) and an Australian Government National Teaching and Learning Fellow (2015-2016). Sarah’s research broadly focuses on student access, engagement and participation within the university sector, with particular reference to students from identified equity groups including those from low-SES backgrounds, Indigenous students, mature aged students as well as first-in-family learners. Sarah has received a number of Vice-Chancellor Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning (OCTAL) as well as an Office of Learning & Teaching (OLT) Citation (2012) for sustained commitment to student transition to university and educational equity in order to facilitate a culture of engagement.

Dr Simon Bedford

Simon Bedford

Simon is a Senior Lecturer of Assessment and Feedback and Curriculum Transformation at UOW. Simon’s passion for curriculum transformation comes from his life-long belief in supporting students to create their own roadmap through programmes of study. Simon engaged in collaborative curriculum design and development practice during his time at The University of Bath (UK) as a Director of Teaching where he encouraged the adoption of a holistic programme approach to student learning with constructive alignment at its foundation. Here he was able to lead a curriculum embedded approach to work integrated learning (WIL) and personal and professional development that students require to become the professionals of the future. His interest in assessment and feedback quality assurance was sown during his work on a framework for assessment policy. At UOW he has led on key teaching and assessment policy review, its successful deployment into teaching practice, and evidencing that impact on the student learning experience (learning analytics). He has helped to drive several national projects including Institutional External Referencing of Assessment Standards (ERoS), OLT Inter-institutional collaboration through delivering formative assessment in large STEM classes, and OLT Assessing Assessments against threshold learning outcomes.

Dr Kathryn Harden-Thew

Kathryn Harden-Thew

Kathryn, previously a teacher in Primary school education and then TAFE, is now a Lecturer with the Teaching Development Team at UOW. Since moving from the School of Education, Kathryn has led the development of online modules for the Continuing Professional Development (Learning & Teaching) course [CPD(L&T)] for all teaching staff at UOW. This suite of self-paced modules enable engaged learning for staff in a range of areas related to learning and teaching in higher education. Now as co-ordinator of UOW’s Introduction to Teaching Program, Kathryn is designing an online learning and teaching program in support of casual teachers across the university’s main and regional campuses that addresses the needs of casual teaching staff. Kathryn’s research interests include exploring the role and activity of casual teaching staff, student transitions and barriers to educational success for those engaged in HE.

Dr Tracey Kuit

Tracey Kuit

Tracey is a teaching-intensive Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at UOW. Tracey is a passionate educator who has successfully led innovation, coordinating biology’s largest undergraduate subjects, totalling over 1200 students each year. Tracey has a history of successfully leading large teams of permanent and casual staff with positive outcomes for staff development and the student experience. Tracey is an active teaching and learning scholar and is a member of the national Bioscience Education Australia Network (BEAN), a fellow of the Wollongong Academy of Tertiary Teaching and Learning Excellence (WATTLE), associate editor for the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice (JUTLP) and a T&L leader for the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health at UOW. Tracey’s evidence-based approach to teaching innovation and inspirational skills as an educator have been recognised by local T&L grants, awards both locally and nationally, including a national OLT Citation in 2013, and through publications and conference presentations both nationally and internationally.

Dr Ruth Walker

Ruth Walker

Ruth is a Senior Lecturer in Learning, Teaching and Curriculum at the University of Wollongong. She is the Chair of the Academic Integrity Steering Group at UOW, Chair of the Asia Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity (APFEI), and project leader of an OLT project “Academic Integrity in Action: discipline-specific approaches to preventing academic misconduct” (2016).

Dr Montserrat Ros

Montserrat Ros

Montse is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Electrical, Computer & Telecommunications Engineering. Montse obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Engineering in 2007 from the University of Queensland and her research interests include Embedded Systems, Sensor Networks Data Fusion, Code Compression and Engineering Education. Montse is the Secretary of the NSW Chapter of the IEEE Education Society and a fellow of the Wollongong Academy of Tertiary Teaching and Learning Excellence (WATTLE). Montse has won four UOW Vice-Chancellors awards for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning (x2); Interdisciplinary Research Excellence; and Community Engagement; and was named a UOW 2016 Woman of Impact for inspiring the young STEM generation.

Dr Belinda Gibbons

Belinda Gibbons

Belinda is a lecturer in the Faculty of Business, School of Management, Operations and Marketing. Belinda is passionate to develop a new generation of business leaders who can engage with complex issues faced by business and society and her learning and teaching experiences aim to challenge business students, colleagues, and organisations to acquire responsible and sustainable business knowledges. Belinda is a member of the United Nations Advisory Committee for Responsible Management Education and is the PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Australia/New Zealand Chapter Coordinator. Belinda designed, developed and currently coordinates the interdisciplinary capstone unit at onshore and offshore campuses. Belinda was a recipient of the 2016 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning for her work titled “For pioneering the design, development and implementation of an interdisciplinary experiential learning environment, as a means of embedding responsible decision-making in business higher education”. Belinda’s experiential learning computer simulation received the NSW Innovation iAwards in 2014.

The WATTLE Executive Committee acknowledge Professors Patrick Crookes, Eeva Leinonen, and Romy Lawson for their commitment and support of the Academy during its development stage.

Last reviewed: 14 November, 2017