Learning Platform Steering Committee

Learning Platform Steering Committee

The purpose of the steering group is to:

  • Advise the senior executive, including DVCA, VCAG and ITAG, on the suitability of learning platform suite, related tools and service providers;
  • Develop and maintain a roadmap for the purpose of planning learning platform activities;
  • Review and provide endorsement on proposed enhancements to the learning platform suite;
  • Investigate learning platform related feedback and propose actions;
  • Review and make recommendations on current and emerging technologies to enhance learning;
  • Advise on support Training and resources) for staff and students to utilise the learning platform suite to meet the UOW vision;
  • Manage changes and risks to the learning platform suite;
  • Develop policies and procedures to support the effective use of the learning platform suite;
  • Collate and review data that evaluates the effectiveness of the learning platform suite.

The steering committee meet approximately every 6 weeks throughout the academic year. Remaining 2016 meeting dates are as follows:

  • 19 May
  • 27 June
  • 11 August
  • 23 September
  • 3 November
  • 15 December 

If you have a Learning Platform Enhancement Request that you would like to submit to the committee for review please complete the online form here.


Last reviewed: 8 April, 2016