Learning Platform Steering Committee

Learning Platform Enhancement Request

Learning Platform Enhancements will be submitted to the Learning Platform Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets approximately every 6 weeks. This steering committee will make recommendations based on:

  1. Educational value
  2. Support considerations
  3. Technical considerations
  4. Other considerations


Notifications will be forwarded to applicants within two weeks of the Steering Committee meeting. Decisions will be vary from:

  • Recommended and Actioned (minimal budget implications);
  • Recommended to be Forwarded (budget implications to be forwarded to relevant funding body, for example, ESDF, ERDA, ITAC);
  • Revisions Required;
  • Not Recommended.


Contact Details

Enhancement Description

Enhancement Purpose (tick all that apply)

Benefits to Students (Align to faculty/ education/university strategies)
Benefits to Administration (Align to faculty/education/university strategies)
Benefits to Academics (Align to faculty/ education/university strategies)
System (tick to select)

Additional Information

for example:

  • Website link
  • Case study
  • Costing (indicative price structure if known)
Faculty Sign Off (ADE/Exec Dean)

Enhancement requests will not be considered unless they has been approved by the Faculty.

Last reviewed: 23 June, 2016