Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Support for Staff (DLSS)

The Digital Literacy Support for Staff project (DLSS) is a pilot initiative at the University of Wollongong, which aims to support all UOW staff in the development of their digital literacies. Digital literacies can be defined as "the capabilities which fit someone for living, learning, and working in a digital society" (JISC 2014).

The project delivered the 'Investigating the Digital Literacy Needs of UOW Staff' survey in the first half of 2015, and has developed a series of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities based on the results of that survey. 

The face-to-face workshops were delivered to staff at Wollongong, and across many of UOW's regional campuses in Summer session of 2015. If you are interested in having these workshops delivered to staff within your faculty, or at your location, please email

Online Learning Activities

If you were unable to attend any of our face-to-face workshops, and there are none scheduled for your area, you can access all of our learning activities and resources via our self-enrol Moodle site (accessible to staff from the University of Wollongong only). 

To access our self-enrol Moodle site click here.



Project Team Members

This project is the results of a collaboration between staff from Learning, Teaching and Curriculum; the UOW Library, and Professional and Organisational Development Services. 

The Team members are:

Rebecca Goodway: (Project Lead) Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
Shirin Demirdag: Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
Kristy Newton: UOW Library
Deb Tetley: Professional and Organisational Development Services
Dr Merilyn Childs: (Project Mentor) Associate Professor and Convenor, Supervision Enhancement Program, Higher Degree Research, Macquarie University

Special thanks to the following project contributors:

Pamela McLeod: UOW Library
Courtney Shalavin: Learning, Teaching and Curriculum  


The Digital Literacy Support for Staff project (DLSS) has been made possible because of the support of an Educational Strategies Development Fund (ESDF) grant.

Last reviewed: 5 December, 2016

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