UOW Peer Observation of Teaching Process

The Process for Formal Peer Observation of Teaching

Before requesting a peer observation, attendance at a UOW workshop on peer review of teaching is highly recommended.


Reviewee selects reviewer from accredited UOW list and contacts to request a review.
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Reviewer and reviewee meet and discuss teaching context and the observation pro forma reviewee has selected Both sign the Peer Observation Request Form and the reviewee returns it to Academic Development & Recognition.
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Reviewer observes class at agreed time and place and records notes on agreed focus areas from the pro forma.
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Reviewer provides formative feedback to the reviewee based on notes recorded on the observation pro forma
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Reviewer writes their Evaluation Summary independently of the reviewee.
Reviewer lodges the Evaluation Summary with Academic Development & Recognition within two weeks of the observation.
After lodgement, reviewer provides a copy to the reviewee.
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For Academic Probation or Academic Promotion, reviewee decides on two UOW Peer Review Evaluation Summaries (one internal and one external to their faculty) to be submitted to the Committee as part of their application.


Either person may decline or withdraw at any point in the process.

Please note the following changes were made in Autumn 2009:

  • The reviewer report is now divided into two sections, an 'Observation Feedback' section (detailed formative feedback for the reviewee only) and an 'Evaluation Summary' that will go the committee on request.
  • Prior to lodgement of the evaluation summary, a reviewer/reviewee feedback meeting may be held to discuss the formative part of the report.
Last reviewed: 19 May, 2017


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