Peer Review

Formal Peer Review of Teaching

Peer review of teaching-related activities is available to academics at all career stages.

Peer review can offer:

  • feedback and constructive suggestions to help academics in their development as teachers
  • mutual support and feedback among a group of colleagues, as part of ongoing reflection on teaching practice.

Formal peer observation of teaching (POT) and peer review of educational practice (PREP) add to the broad mix of evidence academics can provide to highlight the impact of their teaching-related activity.

Participation in formal peer review (POT or PREP) at UOW is optional.

What is formal peer review of Teaching?

Peer review of teaching involves a colleague providing feedback on an aspect of your teaching. Formal peer review of teaching (POT or PREP) requires the use of UOW processes.

Why peer review?

Evaluation of teaching is ideally based on a range of perspectives, for example:

  • student evaluation
  • peer evaluation
  • supervisor evaluation
  • self evaluation

Formal peer review is offered at UOW as an additional option to assist staff to:

  • develop their teaching, and/or
  • collect evidence for probation, promotion or award applications.
What kinds of teaching activity can be reviewed?

Any teaching activity can be peer reviewed including face-to-face teaching, online teaching, clinical and field-based teaching, course or subject design and resource design.

What types of formal peer review are available?
  • Peer observation of teaching (POT): Peer observation can be arranged for any observable teaching activity at UOW, such as a workshop, small group teaching, online interaction, lecture or videoconference.  It is conducted by a UOW accredited reviewer.
  • Peer review of educational practice (PREP): Peer review of educational practice highlights aspects of teaching activity that are typically invisible to the students, such as curriculum development, leadership and evaluation.  It can be conducted by UOW accredited reviewers and/or relevant experts within or beyond UOW.

For assistance with Peer Review please contact: 
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