UOW Accredited Peer Reviewers

Accredited Peer Reviewers

List of UOW Accredited Peer Reviewers

The list of formal Peer Reviewers is available here

For Peer Observation of Teaching reviewers must be chosen from the list of accredited UOW Reviewers.


Choosing reviewers

Only the academic to be reviewed can select the reviewers.

Selection is based on the teacher’s perception that the reviewers:

  • have considerable teaching expertise and the ability to share this with others
  • will be able to give honest, constructive feedback
  • will be helpful and positive
  • will be fair and impartial
  • can be trusted to keep confidentiality.

For use in academic probation/promotion applications, UOW Peer Evaluation Summaries (POT) are submitted in pairs – one must be internal to the teacher’s faculty and one external to the teacher’s faculty.

Contacting reviewers

Academics wishing to take part in peer review of teaching may contact any of the accredited reviewers to ask if they are available. Academics contact their reviewers directly, usually by email, to request a formal UOW peer review of teaching.

It is possible that the first choice of reviewer may not be available. Reviewers are entitled to decline, for example, if they are too heavily committed elsewhere or for some other reasons do not wish to take part.

Becoming a UOW Accredited Peer Reviewer of Teaching

The process to become an Accredited Reviewer requires the academic to be nominated by their ADE based on recognised teaching achievements or active involvement with teaching and learning at UOW, and approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Nominees are identified based on achievements such as teaching awards, OLT (formally ALTC) Grants, Faculty Scholar, FEC Chair or other teaching leadership roles. Other faculty academics, including those in honorary appointments, may also be appointed.

The qualities sought are:

  • teaching expertise and judgment;
  • sensitivity to the different contexts and career needs of others;
  • the ability to give honest feedback in constructive and positive ways.

Nominations should be sent by ADEs to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) for approval. The accreditation process involves participation in training and undertaking a peer review of your teaching.

Last reviewed: 13 March, 2017


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