Strategic Curriculum Development

The Curriculum Transformation Project

The Curriculum Transformation Project (CTP) is an ambitious three-year plan to build on and enhance UOW’s national and international reputation for top quality teaching and learning.

The CTP will conduct a holistic review of all UOW courses that will:

  • ensure that they meet new government standards in the Australian Quality Framework (AQF);
  • develop best practice subject and course design principles;
  • plan for effective technical infrastructure to support course delivery and evaluation;
  • seed the next generation of innovative curriculum design.

Where are we now?

UOW is recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in teaching and learning innovation and student experience.

  • We are currently ranked 2nd in Australia in terms of the number of national teaching citations awarded to our staff, with the University of Melbourne beating us by just one citation for first place;
  • We achieved a five star rating in the QS World University Rankings for 2012/2013;
  • We were 1st in Australia for Educational Experience and Graduate Outcomes in the 2013 Australian Good Universities Guide; and
  • For the fourteenth year in a row, the 2014 Good Universities Guide awarded UOW five stars in:
    • Getting a Job;
    • Graduate Starting Salaries; and
    • Positive Graduate Outcomes.

One of the things we have done well over the last five years is really focus on what kind of graduate UOW produces. The identification of five graduate qualities and the work that has gone into embedding them throughout teaching and learning experiences at UOW has been a major achievement. It ensures that our graduates meet their demanding futures with a set of agile adaptable skills. The CTP and its identification of a set of curriculum "themes", "features" and design principles will extend, not replace, the thinking and work that went into embedding the graduate qualities across our curriculum.

How do we do even better?

The challenge for us now is to build on this record and make sure every student, in every course, has the same opportunities and access to best practice learning experiences. The CTP will:

  • enrich the student learning experience,
  • keep UOW at the forefront of innovation and
  • represent a point of difference in promoting UOW course offerings.

It will look at both key classroom practices as well as the administrative systems that are needed to ensure high quality, flexible, student-centred learning.

Curriculum themes

The CTP team has already consulted across the university to develop a set of key “Curriculum Themes” that will define the future UOW curriculum. These themes include a student learning experience that is

  • Intellectually challenging;
  • Research/inquiry based;
  • Real world focused; and
  • Technologically enriched.

The team is about to enter the second stage of consultation with staff and students to try to define how these themes might be best implemented across the many disciplines at UOW.

Co-curricular program

The CTP also includes plans for new initiatives such as a cohesive co-curricular system whereby students can gain acknowledgment for volunteer engagement and leadership activities that they undertake during their time at UOW.

Assessment practice review

As part of the CTP we will be undertaking a comprehensive review of UOW assessment practices and developing a set of assessment principles that will be embedded in all course designs.

Join the conversation

“Everyone knows our sector is very competitive at the moment and so it’s not good enough to just be really good at what we do, we also have to be good at telling our story: to government, to future students, and to future employers of our gradates,” says A/Prof Margaret Wallace, who heads the Curriculum Transformation Team.

“That’s one of the big challenges of this project. And it’s something we can only do if the whole university community joins in this conversation”

To contribute feedback or find out how you can be part of the curriculum transformation process contact the CTP team.

Last reviewed: 30 November, 2016