Language Communication Project

language communication at UOW

What is the language communication project?

UOW’s Language communication project is focused on the implementation of the English Language Policy and the assurance of UOW students’ communication skills throughout their degree programs and on graduation.

What do we mean by language communication?

When we talk about language communication, it is often assumed that we are talking about remedial issues, such as grammatical correctness or fluency. However, leading language researchers and writers have provided us with a far more sophisticated understanding of the critical role that language plays in learning, thinking and communicating ideas.

At UOW, we regard language communication as a person’s ability to read, comprehend, interpret and infer meaning from a wide range of sources, critically evaluate and relate ideas and information verbally and in writing, recognise the conventions of various genres, and effectively employ a range of language strategies for communicating across a wide range of purposes, modes, audiences and contexts.

The effective use of language communication is one of the most important attributes of a successful student and an employable graduate. In study and professional life, language is used every day to:

  • Learn new concepts and information
  • Clarify thinking and solve problems
  • Communicate information in a wide range of modes for different purposes to different audiences

It is essential that UOW degrees provide continuous and appropriate opportunities for students to practice and develop these aspects of language communication.