Educational Resource Development Agreement

Educational Resource Development Agreement (ERDA)


What is ERDA?

The ERDA (Educational Resource Development Agreement) program offers resource development support across a number of service areas for projects that have been endorsed by the Faculty or Division and are aligned with UOW and Faculty or Divisional priorities.

The aim of ERDA is to support initiatives in the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
    • resources to be used in teaching
    • applications/tools that support the teaching process
  • Research activities that support Teaching and Learning
    • resources to be used in research education
    • resources that provide support for research education
What can I do under ERDA?

There are a number of services that can be provided under ERDA. These include:

  • educational design
  • interactive learning content such as animations and simulations
  • graphic design
  • digital photography
  • web development (including complex Moodle elements, web CMS)
  • database design, development and maintenance
  • development for mobile/tablet devices
  • video and/or audio production

For some examples of the sorts of things that can be created with the specialist skills we have available, please see the Innovation, Design & Development Moodle Site. This is a self-enrol Moodle Site.

Who can apply?

If you are a UOW academic or professional staff member and have an idea that aligns with the UOW Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and your Faculty or Divisional priorities, you can apply for ERDA support. There are a few things we ask you to consider prior to applying. These are:

  • that you have a clear project owner (main applicant) who is responsible for progress, deployment and maintenance once the ERDA support has concluded.
  • that your project fits with the aim of ERDA (ie. Teaching and Learning resources, application/tools that support the teaching process, Research resources, application/tools that support the research process).

If your project is a University-wide resource, you will need to provide additional information when you apply, regarding deployment plans eg, website hosting, responsibility and cost of ongoing maintenance. The Manager, Educational Resource Development can point you in the right direction to retrieve this information (

* Please note that a submitted application does not guarantee that support will be allocated. The application is required to go through the approvals process and resource allocation prior to a final determination being made. To find out more about the process, please see 'How does the process work?'.

What do I get?

As a project owner, you will be allocated a Project Coordinator and Educational Designer, and depending on the type of support you require, you may have a number of production staff involved in your project. You will be guided through the development process via regular correspondence and meetings.

Upon completion of your project, your resources will be available to you in the format you require.

Is it all fee-free?

All of the advice, design, development, coordination, correspondence and support is provided at no cost to the project owner or Faculty/Division. The only things you are required to have covered by your Faculty/Division are things like:

  • Travel costs associated with project (typically any location shoots for video projects).
  • Consumables such as; DVD's, colour printing, licensing, purchase of images and/or audio/music from commercial collections.

Payment for these things can be organised through your Project Coordinator.


Is there a deadline?

Each ERDA cycle has a final deadline of 31st of December. Each project has an individually negotiated delivery deadline, based on the requirements of the project owner and the development implications.

For example, if you require your project to be used in teaching during Spring Session that year, we will discuss what is possible in that timeframe and come up with a development plan that has agreed milestones to ensure delivery. If you have a project that may take more than 1 cycle to develop, we will discuss staging options and negotiate what is possible in the first cycle.

Do I have enough time to undertake this project?

All projects require a substantial time commitment from the project owner. You are the content expert and we need you to work closely with us to ensure that the resources we are developing are as required.

Depending on the size and type of the project, it could be anywhere from half an hour per week to 3 hours per week (on average) - attending meetings, creating content, developing storyboards, reviewing progress and providing feedback.

It is important that the project owner is engaged through the entire project lifecycle to ensure delivery to deadline.

What projects are not eligible?

Programs or projects receiving funds from other sources such as contracts and grants (including but not limited to - ESDF, SAF, HEPP) are NOT eligible for fee-free support in the same period.

Marketing and Promotional materials and/or websites are NOT eligible for fee-free support.

The Manager, Educational Resource Development can provide you with an estimate of costs for these types of projects, if required.

Please note that any dispute over eligibility will be resolved the Director, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss an idea for ERDA or to ask any questions about the program. The best way is to email



How does the process work?

Please see the process flowchart below. It illustrates each stage of the application process from submission of your application to starting a project. If you have any other questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[pdf – 82KB]
FSA flowchart thumbnail
Why do Faculties/Divisions need to approve these projects?

ERDA projects must be aligned with Faculty or Divisional priorities, which in turn are aligned with the UOW Strategic Plan 2016-2020. As these priorities are determined and approved within the Faculty or Division, ERDA applications should also be approved in the same way.

The Faculty or Division also needs to rank all ERDA requests that are submitted in order to assist in determining the allocation of resources and work flows.

What is scoping and why do I need to do it?

We request that approved projects be scoped prior to ranking by Faculties/Division in order to establish a firm understanding of the requirements.

'Scoping' consists of a meeting between an Educational Designer, a Project Coordinator and the project owner and is to discuss the idea for development, options are explored and outcomes are documented.

The documented outcomes are extremely useful for faculty ranking and also for resource allocation.

What is the Teaching and Learning priority for 2018?

The strategic priority areas for 2018 are as follows:

Priority Area This may include projects with a focus on:
21st Century Learning, Group Learning and Collaborative Learning 
  • project-based learning
  • collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, cultural awareness
  • participation and co-creation
  • workforce learning
  • capstones
  • work ready students
Digital learning and social media, Online / Blended learning 
  • teaching innovation
  • networked learning
  • virtual reality / augmented reality
  • learning spaces
  • digital tools & platforms
Enhancing Teaching and Learning through multi-location delivery 
  • student experience across locations
Leveraging informal learning spaces in teaching 
  • building relationships with MakerSpace
  • hybrid formal and informal learning
Learning analytics 
  • artificial intelligence in education
  • student support & dashboards
  • social learning analytics


When can I apply?

We generally make a public call for applications in September each year, for development during the following year. After going through the approvals process, most projects are ready to begin around February/March.

If you require support outside this application timeframe, please contact the Manager, Educational Resource Development ( Depending on approval from your Faculty/Divisional Delegated Authority and availability of resources, we may be able to help you.

Want to discuss your idea prior to applying?

Discussing your idea with an Educational Designer prior to submitting your ERDA application is a great way to flesh-out your thinking. If you are interested in a pre-application consultation, please just email and we can connect you with an Educational Designer.

How do I apply?

Click on the button below and go through the questions, providing as much information as you can, then hit 'submit'. Can't finish the application in one sitting? That's ok, there's a 'save and return' option. You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your application.



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Last reviewed: 12 September, 2017