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Health and medical research

IHMRI Building Feb 2013

The Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute is based on the University of Wollongong campus. Its goal is to improve the health and well-being of Illawarra residents by bringing academic and clinician researchers together to address regional health issues.
In developing a regional centre of excellence in health and medical research, we work closely with our partners to ensure research findings are translated into improved clinical practice and health service delivery in the Illawarra and beyond. 

Project has promise to save millions

PetaJakarta Tomas

A research project from University of Wollongong,’s SMART Infrastructure Facility could be used to help the more than 300,000 people evacuated from their homes in India following the devastating damage caused by Cyclone Hudhud on October 12. is a web-based platform used to harness the power of social media to gather, sort, and display information about flooding for Jakarta residents in real time.

One of the directors of Dr Etienne Turpine - a Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the SMART Infrastructure Facility - said the Peta Jakarta project is looking at how to use data from social media to help produce strategies to respond to infrastructure problems that come along with rapid development, like natural disasters.

Researchers with the project are working to design and implement as a means to gather, select, and sort information gathered from social media in which residents of a city or country talk about things like flooding or evacuations during disasters.

If you would like to donate to the PetaJakarta research project, click through to our Giving online page. One hundred per cent of all gifts to UOW are directed to the project or fund requested by supporters.

Last reviewed: 18 March, 2016