Learning and Development Scholarship Fund

Learning and Development Scholarships

The University of Wollongong is committed to supporting its students and ensuring they are prepared for their career choices upon graduation. Part of this preparation is encouraging students with financial pressures to continue their studies by providing assistance through scholarships.

Due to the undeniable impact of this type of support, we want to significantly increase the number of students receiving scholarships and we are seeking your support to achieve this. Each year the University runs a number of campaigns to raise money for the Learning and Development Scholarship program such as the annual phone appeal, Coffee for a Cause and City2Surf.

We have kept in touch with 2016 scholar and ambassador for the Learning and Development Scholarship, Kristie Tancevski, to see how she has benefited from the generosity of others and how she is utilising her scholarship. 

Kristie reflects on her year as L&D ambassador and scholar

Kristie Tancevski - 2017 Annual Appeal

We all have our individual ways in which we mark how quickly time flies. For Kristie Tancevski, it was her Facebook memories that reminded her a year had passed since she became a scholar and ambassador for the Learning and Development Scholarship program.

In 2016 when Kristie was awarded the Learning and Development scholarship there was no end to her ambition. She wanted to leverage her funds to take full advantage of what her International Studies and Journalism degree had to offer. She wanted to travel to Spain and immerse herself in the culture and language as well as become an international journalist. And through the continued support of the Learning and Development Scholarship program, Kristie has not wavered in her aspirations.

Kristie is currently finishing her journalism subjects in Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of International Studies and now working on her majors in Spanish and Global Media and Communications.

Alongside her studies, Kristie is working as an online columnist for Women’s Rugby League. This is providing invaluable experience and is cementing critical skills for her future career. Without the support of donors and the scholarship, this opportunity may have proven too difficult for Kristie to manage with other employment commitments.

The ongoing support of the Learning and Development Scholarship has also created other invaluable opportunities where Kristie has been able to grow and expand her professional scope in the international markets. Kristie reflects on this below.

“Scholarship support has enabled me to have funds to travel to New Zealand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand to have truly international study experiences.” Kristie is also diligently saving money, working in a part time role, which complements her scholarship and will enable an exchange experience to Spain.

Kristie says she has enjoyed networking and connecting with many key people across the University during her year as ambassador for the Learning and Development Scholarship program. “It has really opened my eyes to a lot of advantages and disadvantages people have in pursuing their education in Australia,” Kristie adds. She encourages 2018 ambassador, Bianca Hunt, to enjoy the experience and grasp every opportunity it brings. 
Since receiving her scholarship Kristie has experienced the impact of philanthropy when given to encourage positive change. She notes that she is doing really well in her studies and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, largely due to the generosity of others.

Kristie is not only grateful, but she is also motivated to give back, with the experience as an L&D scholar inspiring her own philanthropic spirit.

Each year our student callers reach out to alumni during the Annual Appeal to raise money for the Learning and Development Scholarship program to support students and encourage them to continue their studies.