Donor Charter

Donor charter

The University of Wollongong makes the following commitment to all donors:

  • To make every endeavour to use your gift in accordance with your original intentions
  • To use 100% of your gift for the purposes outlined in the donation
  • To discuss with you (or your representative) alternative uses for your gift, should an unforeseen change make it no longer possible for UOW to apply your gift for the purpose originally intended.
  • To acknowledge your gift with an official University of Wollongong receipt when UOW receives your gift.
  • To keep you (or your family or representative) informed of progress in the area to which your gift applies (eg. research, projects or scholarships).
  • To provide you with access to UOW’s most recently published financial reports.
  • To consult with you (or your representative) regarding recognition or publicity surrounding your gift, where appropriate.
  • To provide anonymity to you, if requested.
  • To respect and protect your privacy, in compliance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act, 1998 (NSW) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act, 2002 (NSW).

Our Privacy  Statement outlines our commitment to deal with your personal information in accordance with Privacy laws. UOW does not supply any of its donors’ personal information to any other organisations.

Last reviewed: 30 July, 2018