Alumni Appeal

Thank you for your support

2018 Annual Appeal Banner Bianca Hunt

Over 120 students have benefited from the support of our generous alumni and friends towards their education. Many scholars are leveraging this opportunity to enhance their lives beyond their undergraduate degree.

The Learning and Development Scholarship program truly demonstrates philanthropy in action, as it is fully funded by donations from committed staff, alumni and community members who are determined to make a positive impact in the lives of our young people.

What began as a scholarship program offering single one-off scholarships valued at $1,000 now offers 10 new scholarships each year valued at $9,000 over three years.

The University is very appreciative of our donors who continue to support the future of our students.


Supporting our future

UOW is committed to all students both current and future through the Learning and Development Scholarship program.

A mission to ensure that social and economic disadvantage does not hinder students university aspirations.

Your gift will:

  • Create scholarships valued at $3,000 per annum for three years to support disadvantaged students of all ages.
  • Open study opportunities for students with disabilities, low socioeconomic backgrounds or those supporting a family.
  • Ignite the culture of philanthropy amongst our students

Click here to read more about how Kristie Tancevski is leveraging her Learning and Development Scholarship.

Last reviewed: 26 June, 2018