Kristie Tancevski - 2017 Annual Appeal

Lead by Example

We couldn’t help but have permanent smiles on our faces as we sat across from Kristie when we approached her to be the ambassador for the 2017 Annual Appeal campaign. She was bursting with that sort of bright-eyed youthful energy and ambition that inspired our team to start exploring opportunities for her to maximise her experience as our ambassador.

Only one year into her scholarship, Kristie is already mapping out future plans as to how she is going to give back and support students the way our leaders, alumni and friends have supported her through the Learning and Development Scholarship Fund. “I intend on showing my gratitude through giving back and volunteering,” she says, adding “I feel so privileged to have it, and I think it’s only fair to give back.”


Kristie works part time, as many students do while at university, and doesn’t mind the extra effort it takes to invest in her own future. She understands this builds character and stamina that will benefit her later in life as she continues to strive towards her goal of becoming a foreign correspondent. The Journalism and International Studies student is one of thousands at the University of Wollongong who need extra financial support to offset additional costs that fall outside of tuition, like the exchange program component of her degree.

Kristie is one of our 2016 Learning and Development scholars, and strategically leveraging her funds to take full advantage of what her degree has to offer. She has estimated that it will cost around $15,000 to go on exchange to Spain and is saving her scholarship funds to put towards that experience and reap the full benefits of her International Studies degree. Kristie notes how her scholarship has actually helped her family as well by freeing up money that would have otherwise gone towards her studies.

In 2016 we awarded our 101st Learning and Development Scholarship in its 10 year history. But we are still seeking to raise enough money to endow the scholarship so that we can offer it in perpetuity. Over the last three years there were 1,044 applicants and only 2.8% were awarded a scholarship due to availability of funds.

Kristie encourages all to give within their capacity as “we need to support students financially and mentally so that students can get the most out of their degree and achieve more than they wish to.”

We ask that you help us reach that goal so that the University of Wollongong can continue to graduate some of the brightest and competitive minds around the globe.


Last reviewed: 14 June, 2017