Manage your time and wellbeing

Setting healthy boundaries, managing interruptions, and being clear about when you are available is an important part of managing your time when working remotely.

Tips for being productive, motivated and connected

What YOU can do

  • Get dressed and keep to your 'normal' morning routine as much as possible. 
  • Exercise. Go outside when you can.
  • Take a coffee break or stand up regularly.
  • Sit at a desk with your workspace set up appropriately. Don't slump on the couch. 
  • Write a to-do and done list and share it with your team.
  • Split your day in to 'productivity chunks' of 45/90 minutes (whatever works for you).

What you can do as a team

  • Don't always email, if people live alone they may not talk to anyone all day. 
  • Have a Webex chat for some non-work related content. Funny stories, music etc.
  • (Virtual) high fives are still needed! Call out to the people who are helping you.
  • Schedule times for breaks.

Share your schedule and signal availability

Set expectations for availability

Your daily schedule or even the hours that you work may change while working from home.

Set expectations with your team (and those you live with) around your availability during the day.

Set boundaries

It can be a challenge to switch ‘off’ from work when you don’t leave the office—or switch ‘on’ your workday when you don’t leave the house.

If needed, set clear intentions about work time and home time to avoid burnout or being ‘always on’.

See what is important

With everybody working from home, you might see an increase in messages, these can become overwhelming. Use the settings available in Webex Teams, Outlook and your mobile device to customise notifications and prioritise conversations.


Take care and be mindful

Don’t forget to take breaks

It can be difficult to remember to take breaks. Use your calendar to turn meals and breaks into appointments so you get regular reminders. Block time on your calendar for exercise and fresh air—or just time to step away from your workspace.

Work-life harmony

We recognise that while working from home you may need to occasionally redirect your time and energy to your loved ones.

Continue to access available support options, caregiver benefits, and leave, as needed, to find the balance you need.


Communicate often

Make it a habit to connect frequently with your colleagues and stakeholders. Open a Webex Teams channel for ongoing conversations or start a shared document to share progress updates.

Make space for fun

Use a Webex Teams channel dedicated to fun—share news, pictures, and stories.

Try a GIF, sticker or emoji to express yourself.

Virtual ‘water cooler’

Make up for missing hallway talk or connecting in the kitchenette or café by using chat messages or calling.

Set yourself a reminder to check in with people regularly.