Cases and closures

Information and advice regarding confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the University community and on-campus locations where there may be a risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Campus impacts

The campus locations below have been visited by someone with a confirmed case of COVID‑19 while potentially infectious. This does not mean that there is an ongoing risk associated with the building.

Information is provided about any impacts on building access while cleaning and disinfection is completed and the University seeks confirmation and directions from the Department of Health. Closure and access restriction timelines are indicative only and subject to clearance from the Department of Health.

Last updated 15 December 2021

Location/campusBuilding No. or areaDates attended while potentially infectiousBuilding statusAnticipated closure period
Wollongong Unibar Saturday 4 December 4 pm – 10 pm Open  
Wollongong 32 and 42 Monday 6 December 7:30 am - 3:30 pm Open  

Do not come to campus if you have a fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss or change in sense of taste or smell- however mild.