Here's what students have to say about CRLP200



Bachelor of Social Science (Health Promotion)

Interned at Careers Central where she was surprised to find that her social science skills in interviewing, researching and analysing were just as applicable in this field.


 “I didn’t want to do another knowledge based subject and not use it or forget it. I wanted practical skills to get a job. We had to do a sample response to a job ad in CRLP including cover letter, resume and selection criteria and when I applied for a grad program for real, I felt such confidence in doing it. It’s not basic knowledge at all knowing how to do that but I know what I’m doing now.”



Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

Interned at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER), being tasked to compile essential data for use in data-driven recruitment:


 “I had to run with it, use all I had learnt at uni and it built my confidence greatly as I wasn’t sure if I could actually take what I had learnt and apply it in a real workplace environment ..but I did and I got a fantastic reference at the end of it.”



Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing)

"I did look into doing work experience - just organising it myself - but I found that was not really an option because of insurance issues and things like that, and this subject allowed me to do work experience which is the reason I chose it.


 “I didn’t really think about my career while I was studying until the last year - I started thinking hang on, what am I going to do - so I decided to do this subject, to give me a little more of a solid focus and bring me back to reality….and when I left my internship at the Library, it wasn’t the department I wanted to work in but I knew by then that I wanted to work in libraries.”

Last reviewed: 29 September, 2017