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Become a Lucy Mentee

Applications have closed for 2017. 

The Lucy Mentoring program enables female undergraduate law students to explore their industry through mentorship and real workplace experiences.

  • Clarify your career goals and career direction
  • Gain an insight into organisation cultures at a senior level
  • Build a network of business and professional senior managers
  • Increase your likelihood of gaining meaningful employment and achieving to your highest potential
  • Realise the diversity of opportunities available within the corporate sector and public domain and the personal advantages of achieving job satisfaction
  • Actively engage in decision-making about your future career

What's Involved

Once accepted into Lucy you will be assigned your own mentor and will spend roughly 35 hours with her or in her workplace over four months. There will also be three workshops and a graduation event.

Event Date

Lucy Launch Workshop
Learn more about the Lucy Mentoring Program and the mentoring process.

23 May
Mentoring activities commence from this date

Mid-Program Workshop
Mentees meet as a group to reflect on experiences and share insights with each other.

2 August

Final Workshop and Graduation
Hear from the mentees about their mentoring experiences and to celebrate each other’s journeys.

4 October - Final workshop

10 October - Graduation

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are in senior roles, drawn from both the local and Sydney metropolitan region and come from the private and public sectors. They have volunteered to share their work, life experience, skills and knowledge with law students.

Every effort is made to match mentors and students based on a mentor’s area of expertise and a student’s area of interest, however this is not guaranteed. 

Interested in being a mentor? Visit our Lucy Mentor page


Students taking part in the Lucy Mentorship Program must meet the following criteria:

  • Female undergraduate student studying in the School of Law
  • In your penultimate or final year of study
  • Australian citizenship or permanent resident
  • Credit average or above

Priority will be given to those students that provide evidence of having experienced, or are currently experiencing, one or more disadvantages that may affect their entry into networks leading to employment in the corporate sector.


For further enquiries contact:
Careers Central | (02) 4221 3325

Last reviewed: 13 June, 2017