My Career

My Career

UOW Careers Central is here to help students set and achieve career goals. Our objective is to help you clarify your career direction and path, and help you to develop your employability so that you can enter your career of choice 

Take time to reflect on your interests, skills, values, beliefs and personality to help you make effective career choices.

Know Yourself

Identify and seize opportunities by researching the current market and making connections with people in your areas of interest

Do Your Research

Add experience to your resume and clarify your career direction at the same time

Get Real World Experience

Develop your CV, cover letter and online profile, build your career network and prepare for interviews and other recruitment activities.

Transition Into The Next Step In Your Career

Last reviewed: 4 September, 2018

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You can find our office in Building 11, Room 127 (above NAB and Unishop)

Parking is available throughout campus, P1 being the closest to us

Phone: 02 4221 3325


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