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Jobs on Campus (JOC) is designed to connect you with campus employers and to help you put their best foot forward in obtaining casual employment at UOW. 

The main objective of JOC is to help you develop your job application skills and to increase your overall employability.

JOC aims to achieve this by requiring you to attend and actively participate in specific Careers Central workshops, which will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge that employers (on and off campus) are looking for in future hires.

The process

Most campus employers only advertise their jobs through the JOC talent pool, so for you to maximise your chances and to find out about available casual jobs on campus, you will need to successfully complete the following process in order.


Visit our website and fill out the registration form.


Come and participate in three mandatory workshops:

  • Resume Writing 101
  • From Interview to Offer
  • Selection Criteria and Online Applications


Submit your resume to be reviewed by a Career Consultant who will provide you with feedback and suggestions.


Log on to CareerHub Plus and practice your interview skills though the online interview simulator


After you’ve completed all of the above, you’ll be invited to attend a final workshop where you’ll be briefed on professional workplace practices and standards.


Give us a snapshot of your professional and/or extra-curricular experience, skills and any other qualifications that you have

The process requires effort, time and commitment

The JOC program does require effort, time and commitment, and there is the real possibility that when/if you do become a part of the JOC talent pool, that you may not obtain a position on campus.

What’s the point then?!

The point of JOC is not to promise you a multitude of paid work opportunities on campus (that is but one of JOC’s objectives). Rather the point of JOC is to encourage you to take control of your own learning and development in applying for jobs and to develop an understanding of what it takes to obtain employment – be it on or off campus, now or in the future.

A wise person once said “Nothing worth doing is easy”; they also said that “There is no such thing as being too busy. If you really want something, you’ll make time for it.”

It goes without saying that the JOC process is worth doing (well) and that you should make time to be a part of it because the end achievement will most likely be a paid job.

The Talent Pool

The JOC talent pool is made up of current UOW students who have successfully completed all of the mandatory steps within the JOC process. Those that make up the talent pool have proved themselves to be ‘campus ready’ by engaging in activities that have made them:

  • Aware of what it takes to put together a ‘winning’ job application;
  • Prepared for and engaged in professional workplace practices; and
  • Ready to be successful in their chosen career path.

Upon making it into the talent pool you will be given exclusive access to casual jobs across campus by receiving job alerts directly to your email account. You are then given the opportunity to apply for jobs (that are of interest to you) by using the skills you learned and developed in each of the workshops and activities you participated in.

What’s the benefit of Jobs on Campus?

Employers (on and off campus) are looking for more than just good students with good grades in their future hires. They want employees who are ‘career ready’ and who are committed and engaged.

The benefits of JOC are endless, however the key perks include:

  • Enhancing your employability skills;
  • Strengthening the content of your CV and cover letter; improving your interviewing skills; and being aware of best practice recruitment and selection processes;
  • Building your professional network, making contacts now and into the future; and
  • Earning an income while working and studying all in the one place.


Types of positions on offer

Positions advertised through JOC can vary in length from a couple of days, weeks to many months, depending on the job available. Not all positions will be course-related but they will provide you with meaningful work experience and transferrable core skills for future employment.

Some examples of the type of roles the talent pool will have access to include:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Project Assistants
  • Membership Consultants
  • Client Service Representatives
  • Annual Appeal Student Callers
  • Research Project Assistants
  • Student Relations Coordinators
  • Hospitability and catering staff
  • In2Uni Mentors

Who is eligible to join Jobs on Campus?

JOC is open to all currently enrolled UOW students. However, the JOC talent pool is exclusive to students who have successfully completed the JOC process and who have proved themselves to be ‘campus ready’.

How to sign up


If you’ve got additional questions about JOC, please firstly refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or alternatively contact:

Cara Dobinson – Project Officer, Jobs on Campus & Work Integrated Learning
E: | T: (02) 4221 5536


Last reviewed: 6 March, 2018

Contact us

You can find our office in Building 11, Room 127 (above NAB and Unishop)

Parking is available throughout campus, P1 being the closest to us

Phone: 02 4221 3325


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