Manage your research

Embarking on an independent research project can be daunting. By setting milestones and timelines early with your supervisor, you will be able to tackle the project in increments.

Deadlines may be renegotiated throughout your candidature. You should also set objectives and specific tasks for each anticipated year of study, and agree on the frequency of contact with your supervisor. This will help you achieve your milestones.

It is also a good idea to immerse yourself in the research culture of the faculty and University. Regular research seminars are organised where local and visiting academic staff present their work in progress – listen to how other researchers work and how they respond to discussion and debate. Research students are warmly welcomed.

Your supervisor and the faculty are here to support you throughout your project – emotionally and intellectually.

The faculty and the university have an abundance of resources to support you; make yourself aware of these at an early stage. They include:

The ability to attend conferences, deliver papers, test research ideas and network with your peers is critical to the successful completion of your research.

In addition to workstations, printing, photocopying and internet access, every higher-degree research (HDR) student is entitled to financial assistance through the HDR Support Scheme for:

  • Approved conference travel
  • Approved short course enrolment
  • Approved editing support for research articles and theses
  • Approved field travel for data collection

PhD students: $3,000 over the student’s candidature
Masters Research students: $1,500 over the student’s candidature

Applications for funding must be approved and signed by the applicant’s supervisor and Associate-Dean Research before they are considered.

Staff who are also students are not eligible for the HDR Support Scheme.

The University offers assistance that complements the faculty's support. Address requests for additional funding to the relevant school.

UOW offers a range of research scholarships and awards for existing as well as prospective students.

The Thesis preparation: a step-by-step guide will be useful when you reach each stage of the Thesis preparation process including writing your thesis.

For more information and support, see the UOW graduate research enrolment management website.