Virtual and Vietnam Internship Programs

Virtual Internships opportunities

In collaboration with third party provider Virtual Internships, UOW business students completing the Business Internship program can undertake a virtual internship with an organisation based in Vietnam, Singapore, India and China to fulfil the professional experience component of the subject COMM391/BUS391.

By leveraging the vast number of CRCC high quality industry partners seeking interns, UOW Business students will benefit from the opportunity to be placed within an organisation and complete a work integrated learning experience related to their discipline and career aspirations, as well as overseas networking opportunities without needing to leave Australia.   

The duration of the project for each student is 4-8 weeks, amounting to a minimum total of 120 hours of internship experience.

The program cost covers guaranteed online internship placement by Virtual Internships, dedicated career coach, 8 hours of online language lessons, peer networking opportunities in the form of weekly online group discussions / webinars, and access the career guiding resources such as CareerBridge (the CRCC global internship curriculum). 

Please visit the Virtual Internships website for more information.

Students should contact the Business Internship Team for a consultation about this program. Please send an email to to start the conversation.

Virtual Internship Grants

Looking to apply for COMM391/BUS391 in Autumn 2022? Also apply for a New Colombo Plan Grant to experience an industry-leading remote internship program. Decide which career field you work in, where you’d like to work, and your work-life balance.*

Discover Virtual Internships Learn more about the Business Internship Program (COMM391/BUS391)

*Grants are offered to cover costs related with the Virtual Internship program. This does not include the subject fees associated with enrolling in COMM391/BUS391.

Take up a life-changing one month international internship in Vietnam’s vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. Immerse yourself in an energetic and fast-paced economic center surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and close to the coastline with a dynamic internship in Ho Chi Minh City. 

There are $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility travel grants available to a limited number of business students who undertake this program.


Please to refer to the CRCC program website.  


To receive the $3,000 NCP Mobility Grant, students must satisfy the following requirements: 

Students should contact the Business Internship Team for a consultation about this program. Please send an email to to start the conversation.  

As there are limited number of travel grants students are advised to contact the Business Internship Team as soon as possible. The grants will be awarded to students on a rolling basis. 


This study tour is supported by the New Colombo Plan, which is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake Internships in the region.

Please visit the website for more information on the New Colombo Plan.

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Forage Virtual Experience Programs

"When the unpredictability of covid meant that students like Kirsty in COMM391 at University of Wollongong looked likely to miss out on internships, Jorge Perez, Shamika Almeida and team jumped into action to support their students."

Jeremy Grunfeld
Director of Education Partnerships at Forage

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More about Forage 

"Over the past few months, I was scheduled to complete an internship with KPMG Wollongong, however, the current conditions in Sydney made that impossible.

Alternatively, I have had the opportunity to complete several Forage virtual internships, focusing on the accounting and financial sectors which have provided me insight into various daily activities conducted in daily business processes. "

Kristy Packer
Business (COMM391) Intern

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