Semester exchange in South Korea

Semester exchange in the Republic of Korea with a $7,000 travel grant

Students who attain a place in this program will each receive a $7000 New Colombo Plan Mobility (NCP) Grant to study at a Korean university of their choice, including either:

By receiving a New Colombo Plan Grant, students will also become members of the NCP Alumni Program, and gain access to exclusive networking events, professional development and mentoring opportunities.

This international exchange opportunity not only allows them to undertake an alternative academic experience, but to also gain an understanding of Korean culture, how business is conducted in Korea and Indo-Pacific region, and provides valuable first-hand experience global business experience.

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Eligibility requirements for applicants:

  • Hold Australian citizenship
  • Not hold dual-citizenship or residency rights in the Republic of Korea
  • Studying an undergraduate business and law degree (double-degree students, where one of the degrees is a Faculty of Business and Law course are eligible)
  • Have not previously received a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant for a semester exchange program
  • Meet the requirements of the UOW International Exchange Program

Grant nominees cannot receive another travel grant offered by the University of Wollongong. However, grant nominees may be eligible to apply for an OS-HELP loan (eligibility requirements apply).

Bec Peacock, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Human Resource Management), KHU Exchange Spring 2017:

Going on exchange is something that most students dream about, but never actually do. I thought this was going to me. I was in the middle of spring semester of my second last year of university when the many emails and sols messages started spamming my UOW accounts about the NCP scholarship and opportunity to study at KHU. Dr. Maria Kim even came to one of my lectures to explain the program and share some of the past students’ experiences.

I applied on a whim with the sole thought of … maybe I don't have to be that student. I had no idea I would actually be accepted into the program, but what an incredible opportunity it turned out to be!

I had so much fun exploring new places, learning about the culture and their history, meeting a bunch of exchange students and eating delicious food. But more than that, the whole process of exchange and the stories you have to share are so helpful when applying for jobs. I found that most recruiters were interested in hearing about my time on exchange more than anything else!

Harry Kim, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), KHU Exchange Autumn 2017:

Looking back on what I have achieved and experienced in Seoul, I must say it’s one of the most adventurous things I have ever done. In my experience, the life in Seoul was fast paced when compared to Australian cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. Transport was unbelievably efficient, with rapid trains and buses connecting everyone within the busy hubs of Seoul. There was always something to do, as major and local establishments kept their doors open for longer.

John Marshman, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts, KHU Exchange Autumn 2017

I had one of the best times of my life while on exchange in Seoul, South Korea. Being able to experience life in a country very different from my own was really eye-opening and cool. Everyone you meet is really nice and welcoming even with the language barrier. Seoul is an incredible city with so much to see and do, I still feel like I only just scraped the surface of what it had to offer. I had a great time studying at KHU where I was able to make friends with many students there and came away having learnt a lot. Would definitely recommend Seoul to anyone interested in going!

Ashleigh Steeles, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts, KHU Exchange Autumn 2017:

Studying at Kyung Hee University was an amazing experience. The university itself is so multicultural, I met so many students and professors from around the world and my South Korean peers were always happy to help me out. I cannot express enough how valuable exchange to Seoul is. I’ve challenged myself living in one of Asia’s biggest cities for six months. I’ve developed my own communication and language skills, I’ve learnt more about South Korea history, and gotten to really live and breathe another culture in a way that just travelling doesn’t offer.

Alison Buskens, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)/Bachelor International Studies, KHU Exchange Spring 2016:

The unique opportunities that this program has afforded me are un-replicable. On exchange I have had the opportunity to make great friends, see amazing historic sites and to eat delicious Bibimbap. My experiences so have not been limited to this, I have also had the opportunity to have afternoon tea at the Australian Embassy in Seoul with fellow New Colombo Plan recipients, visit companies like Samsung and LG to hear from them personally about their history and global business strategies for the future and to also participate in classes that give us access to some of Korea’s global business leaders. Without this exchange to Kyung Hee University I really doubt that I would have been able to have these opportunities otherwise.

This grant is funded by the New Colombo Plan, which is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake Internships in the region.

Please visit the website for more information on the New Colombo Plan.

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