Student Support Advisers

Supporting you during your studies

Faculty of Business and Law Student Support Advisers are here to support you throughout your studies.

Contact Faculty of Business and Law Student Support Advisers

Some of the things SSA's might be able to help you with include:

  • Advice about who is the best person in your faculty or in the university to help with your problem
  • Assisting you in dealing with international student issues e.g. adjusting to life in Australia; visas; compliance issues; dealing with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)
  • Understanding how things work in Australia e.g. renting accommodation and insurance problems
  • Information about English language conversation groups and classes
  • Assisting you to have your disability, illness or injury to be taken into account whilst you are studying
  • Providing information and support when you need to find help for financial and legal matters
  • Showing you where to find information about scholarships available at UOW
  • Referring you to welfare support services or counselling services provided at the university or in the local community
  • Providing information about where to get academic help for your studies
  • Information about the complaint process at UOW and where to get support if you are lodging a complaint
  • Information about procedures and policies that exist at UOW and some help in negotiating them.

Faculty of Business and Law Student Support Advisers

Wollongong campus

Ann-Maree Smith
Telephone: 02 4221 4714



Sydney Metro campuses

Tina Edney
Telephone: 02 8763 6006

Sarah Keech
02 8763 6488 

Sydney CBD campus:, available on Tuesday and Thursday, please book an appointment.
South Western Sydney campus:, Monday-Friday.
Southern Sydney campus (Loftus):, available by request, please book an appointment.