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Head of Students' Unit

Head of Students' Unit in the Faculty of Business and Law

Our Head of Students' Unit provides students with advice and information on many aspects of the University Rules and Regulations as well as information relating to their degree. There are five Faculty Head of Students: Dr Jenny Algie, Dr Anne Cox, Dr Kylie Lingard (School of Law), Dr Beo Thai (Sydney CBD Campus) and Ms Nadia Verrucci.

Contact our Head of Students

Make an appointment with the Head of Students

To make an appointment with the Head of Students, contact Business and Law Central.

The Head of Students has responsibility for but is not necessarily limited to:

  • reviewing and monitoring the progress of all students within the Faculty;
  • running a system for counselling students, including students whose results and/or progress towards a degree/diploma are not satisfactory;
  • where appropriate, monitor and supervise the student advisory and schools' liaison services of the Faculty
  • liaise, as appropriate, with the Student Ombudsman on matter related to students;
  • exercise such delegations as the Council may from time to time determine;
  • mediate where differences arise between students and academic units.

The Head of Students' Unit can assist students with course and subject advice as well as provide information on and permission for:

  • advanced standing;
  • overloading credit points in a session;
  • changing a major;
  • doing cross-institutional study;
  • taking a Leave of Absence;
  • applying for academic consideration;
  • appealing a mark in a subject.